Saraki’s Greed And Imminent Abeyance, By Richard Tayo

Dear Senator Saraki,
I wrote a letter to you almost 2years ago titled “When does ambition go overboard?”
Whether you read that letter or not, I am determined to write you another letter. I am writing this letter as a citizen whose tax is used to pay you.
 I wrote in the letter and I quote “Remember that everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. Meaning a time will come when your highness will be dethroned. You will look back and you won’t find those urging you on now”. You should read the letter sir because that time seem near.
To say that you are gradually losing relevance is an understatement sir.  And this is a spoiler; You may not make it to the 9th Assembly by way of losing your bid just like you lost the PDP presidential primaries with your infamous 317 votes. Should you make it to the 9th Assembly your case may be worse than that of Senator David Mark who won himself the appellation “Chairman Senate Committee on Silence and sit down look”. The stunt you pulled to become the Senate President should be thrown into the trash bin because it won’t work again. Affliction won’t rise the second time.
To start with, does the recent bye election in Kwara State sound a warning note at all? I guess it doesn’t. You don’t give up easily do you? You are like the proverbial cat with seven lives. Your party the PDP lost the Ekiti, Irepodun/Isin/Okeero Federal Constituency in Kwara South Senatorial District to the candidate of the APC Raheem Olawuyi. Never forget that Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin the governorship candidate of the Accord Party is already making in roads too. Does Atunwa stand a chance? Time will tell.
However, either the bye election defines how 2019 general elections will go or not it sure gives APC and other parties a psychological boost. It also gives credence to the rumor making the rounds that Kwarans are tired of your Godfatherism, imposition and subjugation.
This is where I blame Abdulfatah Ahmed the incumbent Governor of Kwara state, he allowed loyalty to become slavery. He would have been one of the best governors Kwara has ever had with his level of intelligence but your overbearing influence on him has greatly taper off and abridged his popularity and performance that he allegedly has to give up his senatorial ambition because you said so.
Recently we heard you graciously approved the distribution of some tricycles , motorcycles, grinding machines and computer sets to various beneficiaries selected from across Kwara Central senatorial district. Another desperate move? Annie Macaulay Idibia just empowered 500 women in Ikorodu Lagos recently and she did not make a noise about it. She helped those indigent women without expecting votes or any form of gratification from them. You sir, couldn’t have done a thing like that except in exchange for votes.
It was reported that you Dr Bukola Saraki The de facto governor of Kwara State said you would start offsetting salary arrears owned certain categories of workers in Kwara state how thoughtful. Or another desperate move don’t you think? Are you familiar with the lyrics “No alert no sitting”?
The song was recently released by the national assembly workers in protest for their unpaid salaries and wages. You are obviously more concerned with the politics you intend to play with Kwara people’s salaries.
Pretending you are moral, saying you are moral is not the same as acting morally. More than half your day is spent not working on legislation. Instead they are essentially full of strategies on how to make Buhari government patronize you.
Yes! You read that correctly, we all listened to all you spew out during your meeting with your cronies. For 33minutes and 55seconds you spoke about patronage, appointments and sharing but not for once did you talk about infrastructure or development of Kwara State.The following are excerpt as transcribed;
 “I had already promised some of you here that you will be MD of federal agencies or incharge of road maintenance, Nigeria Ports Authority, SUBEB and so on”.
“I know if I put one amongst you from Kwara in the Federal agencies, at least you will be able to sign contracts of 1Million, 2million. For the first time that I have been in politics neither the Senate president nor Speaker can’t appoint a cleaner”.
“When David Mark was Senate President every confirmation, he made for the President came with something”.
“Now we have seen signs that if Atiku becomes President things will come to us”.
This means politics to you is about personal aggrandizement. The meeting is a pointer to your insatiable greed. To you, politics is not about service but patronage. Politics is about sharing, haba Mr Senate President. if Buhari’s government did nothing aside from making you and your cronies realize that it’s no longer business as usual, Nigerians will be satisfied.
I must close by saying everyone joins a party where his interest can be better served. People take a plunge into politics to make a difference, and therefore there is nothing like immorality.
So why should one continue to remain in a party that does not have one‘s interest at heart or make a difference in one‘s personal life? The answer to this question is what leads politicians to crossing the carpet. You may not know it, APC members may also not know it too but the best thing to have  happened to APC this year was your exit.
Your greed is calling for your political abeyance.
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