Salihu Tanko Yakasai: A Word is Enough for the Wise By Mustapha Garko

When I look at a person, I don’t see a name, class, title, personality or age, just a person.

One would think salihu or @dawisu as he refers to himself on twitter is an advocate of change, the voice of the youths, someone who would call a spade by its very own name, someone who is not afraid to say the truth and fact regardless of whose ox is gored. Too bad Salihu isn’t who we thought he is even though he thinks he’s a messiah.

Recently when the nigerian political parties defection window was opened, those who defected from the Ruling party (PDP) and ported into the so-called change party (APC), Salihu called them heroes who are interested and ready to change Nigeria for the better. While at the same time labeling those who jumped from the APC to the ruling party (PDP) as long as they are Northerners, as hypocrites!

When the then Minister of aviation’s bullet proof car scandal was known to the public, @dawisu was very active in criticizing both she and the president for shielding away her corrupt activities from the light of the day, when Hon. Farouk Lawan was caught red handed in the bribery scandal involving oil tycoon Otedola, Salihu lambasted him, when Sanusi Lamido was in support of the federal government withdrawing fuel subsidies, he called him a Munafiki, when the federal government couldn’t contain the insurgency in the north-eastern part of country, Salihu also voiced out the lapses in the organizations assigned to tackle and eliminate the insurgency in the affected areas. Not forgetting the mass protest during the occupy Nigeria in january 2012 where Salihu was very helpful in his tweets with details and updates. All these were some of the good works of Salihu Tanko Yakasai, but where did he go wrong?

However, before I answer that, I remain undaunted in my bid to make this sensitive disclosure to you that Salihu’s passion for hating the immediate past governor of Kano state Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau is without doubt very strong even though we still don’t know whether it is personal or just business as usual.

Permit me to cast the reader’s mind back to when the APC was first hatched. Salihu openly condemned Mallam Shekarau because he (Mallam) fell out with Gen Buhari which subsequently led to Salihu openly saying he can sacrifice a thousand shekarau just to have one kwankwaso on board. But how can you sacrifice what you never had? For months Salihu has been busy telling his twitter followers and article readers about the hypocrisy of Mallam Shekarau.

Going back to where Salihu went wrong and what people haven’t realized about him is that, has he thought for once about telling the public his own father is a pro-jonathan even if he hasn’t labeled him a hypocrite yet? When mallam shekarau pitched tent with the ruling party, salihu was quick to label him an anti-north hypocrite. While Salihu was out lambasting Mallam shekarau, Little did he know that his own father and a one time presidential adviser to president shehu shagari, Alh Tanko Yakasai a northerner will endorse president Goodluck Jonathan a southerner for a second term in office. Salihu or his article about hypocrisy of his father were and still are nowhere to be found. Perhaps the most hypocritical argument that should come from salihu is why he concealed from the world his genuine hatred for the former governor.

While I have no doubt in branding salihu’s hatred for Shekarau as ENVY, its hard to believe that salihu won’t be a Pro-Jonathan if he is being invited to have a taste of the national cake by the President. Salihu must never have heard the one about people living in glass houses to never throw stones, if he had, he wouldn’t have made the hypocrisy-laced criticism of the former governor. Salihu’s ploy obviously is aimed at defaming the former governor whose political pundits view as a possible political godfather in the whole of the northwestern Nigeria talk less of kano to be specific. But this gambit oozes insincerity coming from a man who couldn’t instill any change in his household but yet is trying so hard to do such in the social media where he thinks he’s a kingpin.

Its not surprising how Salihu hid under the mantle of Gen voices (an NGO, a growing global movement of young Nigerians) so he can call any body working for or a part of the ruling party(PDP) a hypocrite! You should know that while you expose the hypocrisy of others a little too much, see to it that your kinsmen are not becoming one.

Indeed we’ve began to have second thoughts about Salihu’s Modus operandi going by the practice of his injustice, nepotism and self centredness.

With this, the reader will believe me that salihu’s love for his newly registered party and his passion for a better Nigeria is without doubt a hoax, for if he’s really committed to being part of a new Nigeria, he would have started from home. When I say from home, I really mean from his home.

If I were salihu, I would still condemn Tanko’s actions openly on every social media because its better late than never. He should also retire from Social media politicking as he won’t know which of his kinsmen will do the contrary again.

Lastly I’m personally advising Salihu to seek forgiveness from people he has been witch hunting with his write ups because it pointedly shows he’s wrong, since his father is caught up in-between his so-called war for a better Nigeria.

There’s a proverb in hausa that says “in zaka gina ramun mugunta, ka gina daidai kai” salihu built it and forgot that he might find himself in it someday. And here we are, barely two weeks since salihu called the former governor a hypocrite for exercising his right and freedom of association, his own father did the same or even worse by being a northerner endorsing the president for 2015 since endorsing the shoe less boy is allegedly considered a taboo in the north. And a word, they say, is enough for the wise._
I am @Mr_garko on twitter

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