Revenue Authority Intercepts Gold Worth Almost $1 Million At Airport

Kenyan Revenue authority says it has intercepted and arrested a man traveling with over 32, 255 gold bars at the Jomo Kenyata International Airport  in Nairobi Kenya.

The suspect, a fourty six year old Tanzanian national had arrived at the airport Friday 16th February with a local airline and was about to board a Kenyan Airways flight heading to Dubai.

Also found on the Suspect was an accompanying invoice of $ 889,890.

“The Suspect was seized following intelligence alert. He had arrived  at JKIA at 1505 hours, 16th February on board Precision Airlines from Mwanza via Kilimanjaro and was heading to Dubai, the statement by the KRA said.

The gold bars are now under the custody of the Kenyan Revenue Authority, Customs and Border Control as officers investigate the case.

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