Reclaiming Nigeria: The Way Forward By Abubakar Sidiq Usman

‘From crisis to sustainable development’, a World Bank publication in 1989 asserts that “underlying the litany of Africa’s development is the crisis of governance; by governance is meant the exercise of political powers to manage the affairs of the nation’s affairs. It thus becomes imperative that the main problem confronting the growth and development of Nigeria is governance and that is due largely because those charged with the responsibilities of the country have failed to manage it for the good of the people.

The expectation since the attainment of independence is that an independent Nigeria will present and expand equal opportunities of economic, social and cultural advancement of the people, but a critical analysis of the indices of development points to the fact that these expected benefits have been undermined by successive Nigerian leaders.

The political, socio-cultural and economic crisis the country is witnessing today is borne out of a system influenced by bad or ineffective leadership and corruption. While the various policies and programmes of successive government have become the source of deprivation, frustration, poverty and hunger to the poor majority, the few ones in government leadership positions channel resources meant for the provision of basic facilities and services like good roads, water, heath, education etc into their private pockets. Even with the advent of democracy where the people are supposed to decide those that are elected into certain offices, what we have since the 13 years of its existence are leaders who lack the temerity, will power, and patriotism to provide effective leadership to the people. What they do not lack however is the ability to siphon public funds into private pockets.

It is obvious that those we call leaders have failed and can no longer be trusted to govern us. The question however is whether we want to leave the country in the hands of these few and despotic individuals or we want to reclaim Nigeria for the good of all Nigerians. If our so called leaders are blind in handling matters when they are confronted with major decisions that affect the life of the nation, should we not reclaim our dear country from them? I think we should and must do so, but in doing so, we must be guided by certain factors so that the project will not fail even before it commence.

If we must reclaim Nigeria, we must in the first instance see unity as the weapon with which we can dislodge this present crop of leaders. Our ethnic and religious difference is what our elites have used in manipulating us over the years, but if we can put aside our differences irrespective of the tribe and religion we represent, we will destroy that weapon they have always used against us. If those in the ruling class can unite to steal our wealth, why won’t we unite also to change policies and programmes of selfish government, vote in worthy, qualitative and efficient people into positions of leadership.

The bond that ties us together as a nation runs very deep, deeper than any individual cause or interest. Therefore, we must prove to the world that we are standard bearers of an independent country which we must stand to safeguard and secure for the generations yet unborn.

Second is the need for us to actively participate in the process of democracy and governance in the country because the whole concept of democracy is about citizen participation and where that lacks, the people of the ruling class will be armed with the weapon of controlling what happens in the polity.

With our unity, we can form organizations through which people can participate in governance or as pressure groups in our agitation for good governance. Ordinary Nigerians comprised of workers, students, youths, professional and women can even form a political party to ensure power shift from the ruling class to the hands ordinary and qualified Nigerians who will use the country’s human and material resources to encourage industrialization, present efficient, effective and quality education, housing, healthcare amongst others for the people. Such organization or political party must however be devoid of any selfish or sectional interest.

The youths most especially must be at the forefront of this initiative, because as major stakeholders in the Nigerian Project, we must not let our responsibilities lie in the cold. The pride of the nation is enshrined in our innocent heart and the salvation of Nigeria is dependent on our scholastic development as youths. Therefore every youth must remember at all times that what he or she embodies is the future of Nigeria.

Another thing that we must not fail to do in our quest for reclaiming Nigeria is the need to enlighten each and every citizen of the country. People who have the resources should engage in massive educational programmes (through rallies, discussions, books, newspaper, leaflet and the social media) within and among various organizations and groups towards building solidarity among Nigerians and exposing the conspiracy of our leaders against the people. These educational efforts must focus on grassroots oriented civic education that would deal with leadership and followership issues. It should also focus on the anti people nature of annual budgets, the unending ruling class tactics of institutionalizing corruption and the unending war against the provision of basic social welfare as well as the right of every Nigerian to employment, clean environment, good healthcare delivery and fully funded public education etc.

Finally, but very importantly is the need for us to embark on intercessory prayers for the nation. Prayer is essential ingredient for success. It is the motivation that is used to seek for divine gift, the spirit that is used to seek for the bounties of the Almighty and the sword of the believer. So we must have faith in God and seek for his face so that we break the mountains of horrors placed before us by our leaders.

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  1. Nice article.,we can reclaim nigeria for sure, if we have willing and able youths that can take their hearts far away from gride,selfishness and pride.let’s all join hands and face the problem like nigerians..!i believe one day nigeria will see the light and fruit of good leadership.well done brother

  2. The sidelines are filled with nigerians’ running commentary on what best to do. This is an imperative cry to all those yet to participate actively in nation building to get in on the act. Tomorrow won’t be different unless we change our actions of today. Well said sir. God bless Nigeria.

  3. With such thoughts in the minds of Nigerian youths, there seem to be hope for our future, great job @abusidiqu, more grease to your elbows.

  4. Nice thoughts on the way forward. The youths are the key, but they also represent the biggest danger, if potentials are not well harnessed. Let’s find ways to wean them away from BH and political thuggery.

  5. Well articulated. I’m happy whenever I see constantly that people are finally onto the antics of these scheming leaders. Gives me the hope every now and then that finally we shall say to them: TO YOUR CELLS AND GRAVES O SERPENTS. We’d not stop spreading the word. They must be held accountable for their deeds. Nigeria we must occupy!

  6. A very good article but I always preach one thing, nigerian youths will not come out on an empty stomach, no job, all dependent on handouts from govt or PDP officials. Empower the youths and you will take PDP and corrupt official out of Villa

  7. Well said! I think we shld move more towards implementation. Am in anytime,i think we hv waited too long. GOD BLESS NAIJA!

  8. Very interesting piece. We should not just sit down waiting for a change. Let’s be the change instead

  9. I agree with you @abusidiqu, some of the points which I raised in an article I did early March are reflected in your article but you have gone ahead to expand these ideas into realistic and applaudable solutions.
    Thank you for contibuting your insights to the struggle for change and a better Nigeria

  10. We will be makin great progress if we can form our political party like u said,i luuuvv dis article, weldone bro.

  11. Its very possible to reclaim Nigeria its not going to be business usual for this people again. The wind of change is blowing and the youths ve set sail. This is a well written piece well researched and well presented.

  12. The message is abundantly clear. The youth holds the future to a new Nigeria we all crave for. The task then before us is huge. But i believe and as we have consistently done in several mediums by requisting from our leaders good governance, that keeps them on the edge always and make them cautious. But a far reaching effect is for us to vote for good idealogy which i think welfare is paramount, every other business of government is secondary. As at today, no party carry a good enough idealogy which is why the wrong person will always be elected. For me, we should start probing our political parties idealogy.

  13. There is so much to learn from this article . . . I may not agree with everything you have said about the causes of our problems, but your solutions are very good and noteworthy.

    More so I think we should not just stop at the level of advocacy and talk . . we need to match our talk with action . . . Good piece!

  14. great piece abu sidiqu,and by God grace nigerian youth are haeding towards reclaiming their great country.

  15. I like your summation but Nigeria problems lies in the hand of the youth to properly intensify ideal together and brainstorm formidable way forward, not to allow the old cycle to babyish them with penny.Get back to me..Nigeria youth is coming out from the old lane… have the solution to this, with powerful instrument reinforcement which is grabbing each state already in Nigeria.Stay tune

  16. I am highly impressed n challenged by dis write up. To know dat there r like minds out there who belief in a better Nigeria irrespective of our present state n who not only faults government n governance but also profer solutions. That is wat we need, people who will look, study, understand and provide ways for a change. Not people dat shouts and cry without even a clue as to wat to do should they have an opportunity. More power to ur elbow n I join the train of transformation. Kudos

  17. A nice piece Abusadiqu: reclaiming Nigeria is possible, as U said the future lies in the hands of the YOUTH because they are the leaders of tomorrow. What matters is the process contained in reclaiming Nija. Some of Us have to sacrifice their life of today for a better tomorrow. I pledge to Nija my country!!

  18. U hv said it all, bro, without mincing words. Whether a muslim or a xtain, an Ibo, Hausa or a Yoruba man wat we should look out for next election is beyond these. God bless u Abu, may we all witness d Naija of our dreams.

  19. Nice treatise. Major work is with the youths who are still apathetic to development issues. The current ruling class can’t force the change we need. Only a vibrant, conscious, informed class of newbreed minds can take us there.

  20. The call for Unity was welcome and reassuring. They can only keep us apart separated. Once we unite, they fall. It’s the way things work….
    Well done, @Abusadiqu

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