“Proud To Be Nigerian Again” – Ogbeni Dipo Awojide

More than 15 million Nigerians voted for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the recently concluded Presidential elections.
The May 28 election which is said to have caused political earthquake, inflicted the first defeat on an incumbent in the history of Africa’s biggest democracy.
Weeks after the results were announced, Nigerians both at home and abroad continue to congratulate General Muhammadu Buhari and discuss their views about the elections.
In London, Dipo Awojide popularly known as Ogbeni (Mr) Dipo, the CEO and Principal Consultant at Ambidextrous Consult stated that General Buhari’s win had been a “victory for common sense and a victory for all that is good.“
Speaking to APC UK, Ogbeni Dipo, a lecturer and one of the pioneers of the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign in London said many Nigerians will be “proud” of their country again, following the elections.
Ogbeni Dipo revealed that the win for General Buhari “has saved Nigeria from a downward and a negative trajectory. He explained that the failures of the outgoing administration had been an “embarrassment” for Nigerians across the world.
“The Families and friends who have suffered under the Goodluck Jonathan administration will experience good governance under a welfarist party and administration.
“A party that puts the people first and not the 5% upper class,” Ogbeni Dipo added.
Overall, General Buhari won 21 states for his party during the Presidential election. The recently concluded gubernatorial election also solidified the voice for change with 22 elected APC governors.
There is no doubt the impact played by Nigerians in the diaspora especially those in London, UK.
Protesters from London took to the street when the election was postponed and went ahead to give General Buhari a much welcomed support at the Chatham house where he delivered what has been deemed as the ‘tide turning’ speech which changed much of the impression held by Nigerians at home about him.
Nigerians in the UK pressurised international leaders to reiterate the need for a free and fair elections. With initiatives such as the ‘Make a Call, Make a Change,’ spearheaded by the coordinator of the APC UK, Mr Ade Omole, Nigerians abroad could influence the elections by calling to inform those at home with information they had about the elections.
Ogbeni Awojide a doctoral student studying at the School of Business and Economics who received an award as the Best Nigerian (UK-based) Student President in the Nigerian UK Based Achievers Award 2013 (NUBAA) maintained that “those in the diaspora influenced the election by exposing the lies, half-truths and propaganda been spread around by the forces of continuity.
Social media played a key role here. By letting Nigerians know that they deserved more than they were getting, the diaspora influenced the Election and the outcome.”
The PhD student urged Nigerians in the diaspora to remain vocal and “must continue to clamour for change in the values of everyday people.”
“The diaspora cannot afford to be silent and observing from a distance. We must continue speaking up and demanding for good governance, accountable and transparency in the management of national resources.”
“Nigeria is our home and we must continue to advocate for its progress.”
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