President Buhari’s Cost Cutting Measures In Bullet Points, By Adnan Raji

Ø  The administration banned the procurement and distribution of conference bags, T- shirts and other souvenirs at events such as conferences, workshops, and seminars organized by Federal Ministries, Departments and agencies (MDAs)

Ø   Banned the printing of unnecessary publications and books of short shelf life which have no real value to the concerned public institutions or the citizens. Now, such publications should be on their websites which have the added benefit of wider visibility, and print only limited numbers of hard copies of such publications.

Ø  Issued specific guidelines that would reduce the cost of printing invitation cards, programme of events, brochures, folders and notepads. Amongst the guidelines are that they should be in black and white and limited to only one page and in the case of brochures, they should be streamlined to contain only essential information.

Ø  Established the Efficiency Unit (E-Unit) in the federal ministry of finance to ensure that all government expenditure is necessary and represents value for money. The Unit will undertake programmed reviews of all government overhead expenditure with a view to reduce wastage, promote efficiency and ensure quantifiable savings for the country.

Ø  The administration slashed the number of ministries from 42 to 19 by merging some ministries in a view to cut cost and make them more effective

Ø  50% reduction of President and Vice –President Salaries.

Ø  Selling of 2 Presidential jets

Ø  Reduction of entourage to international events.

Ø  Abolishment of the first lady office

Ø    Reduction of state house budget

Ø  Closing down of 9 foreign missions to cut cost

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