President Buhari Belongs To Everybody By Okoi Obono-Obla

President Muhammadu Buhari is true, dedicated and committed Nigerian. He is a believer in the oneness of the country.

He deeply appreciates and very conscious of the mosaic complexes of Nigeria. He is a through and through federalist.

The appointments President Buhari made yesterday in the security sector of the country have starkly showed that he respects and recognises the minority ethnic nationalities in the country.

It has also proven beyond a shadow of doubt that he is total committed to his vow he made on the day of his inauguration that he belongs to everybody.

The new Chief of Staff, Major General Tukur Buratai is from Biu in Bornu State. He is an ethnic minority in Bornu State that is dominated by the Kanuri ethnic nationality.

The Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Ibok Ete Ibas is an ethnic minority (Ekoi) from Cross River State.

The Chief of Defence Intelligence, Air vice Marshal Morgan Riku is an Idoma from Benue State, one of the minority ethnic nationalities in the country.

It is clear that these appointments were however strictly based on merit and this is why an indication that competence and performance would be the yardstick for appointments in the Buhari’s presidency.

These appointments also give an indication that President Buhari is desirous of restoring professionalism to the military that has been blighted by indiscipline and corruption in recent times that has manifested glaringly in the fight against boko haram insurgency.

The appointment of Major General Buratai from Bornu State that is the epic centre of the boko haram insurgency is strategic. He is very familiar and conversant with the socio-political realities and nuances of the North Eastern Region of the country being from there that is responsible for the incubation of the boko haram insurgency.


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