Politician Sentenced For Demanding Sex From Taxi Driver

A Zimbabwean politician, Onai Mupondiwa, 37, has been sentenced to 210 hours of community service for allegedly stripping naked and begging a cab driver, Lloyd Gumbo, for sex.

The incident involving Mupondiwa, who is a married local politician reportedly happened on the 7th of July while she was coming back from a political meeting at around 10pm, reports iHarare.

Mupondiwa who looked stranded at Mzansi Night Club hailed Gumbo to drive her to Railway Block for a fee of $5, however, while on the way, Mupondiwa asked Gumbo to stop the vehicle so she could ease herself, taking all her clothes off in the process.

She then reportedly got back in the car naked and started to caress Gumbo and further took his hand to touch her privates while kissing him.

Mupondiwa went on to insist on having sex with the driver without a condom but Gumbo pleaded that she should let him buy some. Rather than drive to the store, he drove into a police station and that was where the politician was arrested.

She is to serve out her community service at a local police station.

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