A Parody Of Justice And Politics, By Jimi Bickersteth

A parody of justice and politics: I was at the chore of manicuring the lawn this chilly morning, the fuel in the mower was down, tried the Aston’s tank for some,that too, was empty. I have to do an Usain Bolt to the gas station, on getting there, no fuel!

With revelation after revelations detailing how the commonwealth was shared by cronies, and by proxies, burying loads and tons of cash in the sand.
The stench of the dishonesty, insincerity, forgery and mismanagement of the past refusing to go away, rather, daily oozing out like toast oozing with butter. The wound inflicted on a sorrowing nation oozing pus, and all of us in open ended discussions with neither all of us wrong nor right.

All the attempts at damage limitation, a process of trying to stop a political scandal from causing more damage than it has already, useless as bath water, and fueling more and more revelations as accomplices spill the beans, with damning evidence and some pretty damning things about politicians, their sense of duty,morality and diligence.

The nation’s politics have trumped up personalities who had very seemingly embraced politics but without passion. Distant,often appearing ill at ease,always going coldly by the book, calculating their next move, suddenly turned billionaires.

A Bhudda once said,” there are two mistakes one can eternally make along the road to truth, not going in the way, and not starting”. Staring at the bank of clouds overhead, I heaved a deep sigh ,as I realised that in our political experience,our politicians wear two faces,one – a political scoundrel, unscrupulous and cunning, and the other sagacious, prudent- a statesman.

This of course, is perhaps the most difficult phase in party politics and parliamentary democracy, because all politicians wear the two faces,it’s always difficult to classify them, as they are often bred along what is convenient ( not expedient) at any point in time.To politicians, its all a matter of political choice, what gives is what determine which side of the pendulum you stand.

One could feel moss sprouting out of one’s ears. This politicians have their self-image of shoelessness become tinctured with the dye of inadequacy and failure. They become lost,and ultimately a loser, and rather than keep a strong,confident concept of themselves, and do things that could enhance and strengthen their image, they become unrepentant.

In saner climes,most of the politicians,  certainly can’t ever get a foot in the door again, not a chance.  But no, here they are canonised by immunity. You wonder why our politicians who couldn’t get the chemistry on the first date bother on the second one, even as they scream continuity.

I know for sure, that,next to losing a child, the break-up of a marriage, losing your hold on power,its allures and influences is the hardest thing to go through- shell-shocked, depressed and angry.However, as the recent eclipse fades, all manner of things have been let loose, you may feel less constrained, the nation still have to deal with what’s coming out of the Pandora’s box.

The final year of that six years excursions and (mis)adventure was quite an exciting and interesting one, what,with the plot, the laid-back approach, the blank cheques, the feel of freedom, which always generate a mood of inertia, now the nation have only itself to blame.

Even as politicians are trying to come to grips with the changes in and around the country, what better way to do that than to cast aside the six year long amateurish dramatics and opt instead for a total repackaging and reorganising their cupboards. It may sound boring, but they’d be best off sipping echinacea now that they know nothing lasts forever, and that includes those trying to cling to power by all means, they too would be shocked that relying on chance or an uncontrolled element in the details of life breeds failure.

Hmmm! The eclipse business will take a while to assimilate, and with what’s come out of the Pandora’s box, it’s been a high-octane time. But would the affected politicians be able to settle back into a familiar rhythm and regain a sense of normality, is the question.

Meanwhile, the nation and its politicians can continue to engage themselves, keeping their hands occupied while their minds work out what’s really going on,till justice comes. There is still something mystifying about power and how it edifies or disgraced the holders.
It’s clear that some of the politicians have been able to pull in the reins when they have had to.Who says life gets dull when you get what you want.

Let them put their feet up and enjoy the soaps- soaps after all are supposedly a reflection of real life. Not too sure,with the EFCC and other anti graft agencies on their toes, that they will have appetite for their stylish mealtimes offer of huge tiger prawns, crocodile eggs and exotic fruits and deserts, Gourmet delight!

Our politicians testimonials would read like,”led with an uninspiring mien, lacking in political will and efforts that were not only condescending, compromised but also not daring enough”. A people with prospective wrong desires, and whenever wrong desire coincides with opportunity,the battle can be daunting and challenging and devastating.

I pray that the blessings of almighty God may rest on PMB’s counsels, the buck ends on your table. The deplorable conditions under which Nigerians live and die is enough an impetus for an awareness of danger that should make him interested in the weapons and strategy and the nature of the enemy-poverty, second only to religion, which has perpetrated some of the worst and most terrible atrocities that have scandalised history.

He must thus rid every sector of the economy of wastage; declare an emergency on the energy sector to grow the energy capacity, which will lead to a boom that ipso facto will generate employment. Prove to all that though a good education is invaluable,there are uneducated millionaires and that fortunes are found in everyday pains. Prove that a winner makes commitment; a loser makes promises.
PMB, your primary duty is to catch the fallen star and restore our mojo and fading glory with sheen and élan.

    Happy celebrations all.#
    Jimi Bickersteth

Jimi Bickersteth is a

blogger and a writer.
He can be reached on twitter

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