‘You Shouldn’t Have Taken Your Colleagues To The Tribunal, @Obyezeks Tells @BukolaSaraki

Former Minister of Education, Obiageli Ezekwesili has criticised the scores of Senators that accompanied Senate President, Bukola Saraki, to the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Dino Melaye had revealed to journalists present at the Tribunal, that 84 senators escorted Saraki to court.

Reacting to the news, Ezekwesili, advised Saraki through her Twitter page, that he should have dissuaded his colleagues from going with him to the tribunal.

The co-convener of the BringBackOurGirls movement, warned the Senate President against privatising the democratic institution of the National Assembly.

Read tweets:

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Revealed: How Linda Ikeji REALLY Rakes In The Billions

Judging by the attitude of some Nigerians to Linda Ikeji’s acquisition of a half a billion Naira home in upscale Banana Island, Ikoyi this week, a lot of people don’t believe she earns her money only from blogging. Several people have started circulating rumours that the Forbes ranked successful blogger makes money from other undisclosed sources.

One particular rumour confidently making the rounds is that Ms. Ikeji got some dirt on a politician and approached him and that the politician compensated her with a N500 million home. The story is as fake as it is unbelievable but Nigerians often need a reason to doubt genuine success, especially when there is a feeling that your success should not pale in comparison.

Whilst there may be some genuine grievances in some corners about when Ms. Ikeji or her more outspoken younger sister brag about high end purchases like thousand dollar shoes and bags, Linda’s intentions are genuine. She is not seeking to stir up envy but trying to help young Nigerian women forge a new path. Traditionally most young women rely on men for even their most basic of needs, Linda’s entrepreneurial success and business acumen help to demonstrate that there is an alternative to the age old tradition of “money for hand and back for ground”.

So how much does Linda really make and how did she move from “Mushin to Mohits” in a sense in just about a decade without joining politics, or sleeping around with politicians.

The Herald in this report has uncovered how Linda really makes her billions.

  1. Google Adsense: According to information at our disposal, Linda Ikeji and bloggers in her bracket (eg. Perez Hilton) typically make $50,000 to $80,000 monthly in income from Google. So that means Linda makes N10 million to N16 million per month in Adsense revenue. Quite a nice chunk of cash from the world’s foremost technology company.
  1. Headline Banners: Linda charges N1 million per month for a 728 by 90 banner ad, the ad that appears around the Welcome To Linda Ikeji Blog placeholder when you log on to the site. Jumia has reportedly paid Linda N12 million for the whole year and their banner ad remains on the desktop version of the site 24/7. Occasionally other advertisers also opt for the space and Linda will share the space for two companies. So this year Linda will probably gross a minimum of N18 million from this space.
  1. Side Banners: Linda charges between 500k and 700k per month for side banners and she has a minimum of 6 to 8 advertisers at any given time bringing her earnings to a minimum of N3 million monthly.
  1. Sponsored Posts: Linda reportedly charges 50,000 per sponsored post and she reportedly does about 5 to 10 of these a day which brings her daily potential earnings in this regard to N500k and monthly total to N15 million. Here is an example of a recent sponsored post on LIB http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2015/10/martell-300-promo-win-your-very-own.html#more
  1. Page Takeover: Should you log on to the Linda Ikeji blog on a desktop site now, you will notice an MTN advert in the background. Our sources tell us that cost N4 million per week. So potentially Linda makes N16 million monthly from that space.

On an aggregate Linda can make anywhere from N50 million to N 70 million per month in advert revenue. When you do the calculations that comes to a maximum of about N 840 million per year or almost a billion.

Now you see why Laura says her big sis is Linda “Chopping Money” Ikeji. A report from PWC released late last month said the Nigerian media industry is currently valued at $4 billion but projected to grow even bigger by 2019, so it means Linda may be chopping this money for quite a very long time.

Source: The Herald

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Akwa-Ibom Tribunal Orders Fresh Governoship Election In 18 LGA’s

The electoral victory of Governor Udom Emmanuel of the Peoples Democratic Party has been held inconclusive at the Akwa Ibom Election petition tribunal.

Umana Umana of the All Progressives Congress had challenged Udom’s victory at the state governorship election tribunal.

While issuing judgment on Wednesday, the tribunal held that it was not satisfied that election held in all the polling units in the state, but further ruled that the petitioners were unable to demonstrate that card reader alone can be relied upon for accreditation.

Consequently, the tribunal resolved that Governor Udom scored the highest number of valid votes cast.

The tribunal also ruled that the experts called by the petitioners are not experts as they denied being so, therefore, they cannot express opinion as ordinary witnesses as the Evidence Act does not allow such.

According to the Evidence Act, only expert opinions are admissible.

The tribunal would also hold that voters were disenfranchised in some polling units and that elections were inconclusive in Uyo and Ibesikpo Asutan Local government areas.

The tribunal also held that some local government areas did not comply with the provisions of the law.

It held that 566,436 voters were disenfranchised as against the 890,000 voters in favour of Udom in 18 LGAs.

In its verdict, the tribunal ordered INEC to conduct fresh elections in 18 LGAs in the state.

Hence, there will be a re-run election in 18 out of 31 LGAs of Akwa Ibom state, as election only held in 13 LGAs.

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And The Chief Wailer, Oliseh Metuh Wails Again! – Lauretta Onochie

Is there any one left among Chief Oliseh Metuh’s friends who can explain to him the true situation of things in Nigeria? I ask because I am beginning to think that the Oliseh Metuh’s of this nation, get really upset that not only are Nigerians now in power, they are also happy with the leadership they chose for themselves.

It’s true that Oliseh Metuh, who is now sounding like a broken record, did not correctly read the handwriting on the wall before and during the last election that swept him and PDP out of power. They had it coming but they had plans which did not include the Card Reader. Who is to blame for their misreading the mood of Nigerians who were clamouring for a change of direction but were ignored by the PDP administration of Pres. Jonathan?

Who is hounding dissenting Voices?
It’s also true that during the reign of PDP, they hounded those who did not agree with their oppressive regime using EFCC, the police, ICPC, NDLEA, etc. Cases died as soon as the victims played ball. One of the few who stood up to the bullying tactics of PDP was Rt. Hon. Amechi, the reason Nigerians, particularly South Southerners see him as their hero. When Sen. Akpabio had an accident, Pres. Buhari did not care that he was PDP. He cared that he was a Nigerian and gave him a call to wish him well and assured him of his prayers. If Sen. Akpabio is being hounded, it must be the consequences of his past actions. We would not know unless he was given a fair chance to defend himself in a court of competent Jurisdiction.

Amnesia seems to have set in with Chief Metuh as he has completely forgotten that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and his wife are members of the ruling party, APC, who are also facing charges with the EFCC and the Code of Conduct Tribunal for alleged crimes against our fatherland. It’s either selective amnesia or a deliberate attempt at misinforming the Nigerian people. If the later was the case, chief Metuh has failed as Nigerians are now more in tune with their minds and are no longer easily swayed or subject to cheap manipulations.

As he is used to a meddling setu, God forbid, in Oliseh Metuh’s books, that the executive arm of the Nigerian government would let agencies that fight corruption assume independence! In his world, the world of impunity, the President and his lackeys decided who was charged and who was not. In the current dispensation, Pres. Buhari will not interfere with the workings of these agencies that were set up to fight corruption. These agencies on their part, haven shaken off the executive choke-hold associated with the last administration, have rediscovered the power invested in them to fight corruption, which was institutionalised under the Jonathan Administration.

Oliseh Metuh would not ask if the people being invited by EFCC had genuine questions to answer or not. He needs to ask if his people being “witch-hunted” are really witches as only witches can be witch-hunted. If there was nothing to hunt, there will be no hunting. He seems to have lost all sense of decency. Where did he leave the values on which he was raised as a Nigerian when parents admonished us to always tell the truth? It’s difficult transmuting from calling the shots to being in the opposition but he needs to learn, not to criticise what Nigerians love. Nigerians love the steps EFCC and other agencies are taking to sanitise their nation. They would quickly lose respect for anyone who tries to cast aspersions on the work of EFCC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Bureau, etc.

Who is a dictator?

May we remind Oliseh Metuh that when Nigerians clamoured for President Bubari to PUBLICLY declare his assets, he did exactly that, even though the constitution did not require it. We still remember how Pres. Jonathan told Nigerians to go to hell when we made the same demands on him. He did not give a damn! A dictator does what pleases him, protecting his personal interest and those of people around him. So far, President Buhari has shown more democratic values in acting in the interests of Nigerians, than the immediate past president, Dr. Jonathan.

The fact remains that PDP was in power for 16 years, not APC.

It goes to say that those who served our nation for those years, were PDP.

Those who mismanaged our common wealth, were PDP.

Those who enriched their friends and families were PDP.

Those who brought our nation on its knees were PDP.

Those who starved our institutions of funds were PDP.

Those who reigned in impunity and lawlessness, were PDP.

The Presidential candidate rejected by Nigerians at the polls, was PDP.

Consequently, it would be an anomaly for EFCC, ICPC, NDLEA, DSS, CCB etc. to go after those who were neither in power nor embezzled any funds simply because their party, APC, is now in power.

For the very first time in our recent history, Nigerians have a leader, who listens. Who does what’s in the best interests of Nigerians. Who is touched by the suffering of Nigerians. A leader who could be but is not an elite, rather, prefers the lowly estate of an ordinary Nigerian. A leader who is truly, the President of Nigeria, not just for his ethnic group or those who worship God the same as him. So why should Nigerians not be happy?

These constant cries by Oliseh Metuh and his Wailing Wailers have become akin to the behaviour of one suffering from acute depression, occasioned by the loss of power at the centre. It might do him a world of good to seek both medical and psychological help to deal with his anger towards Nigerians.

Oliseh Metuh and those he represents have years of opportunity to write their names in gold, in the hearts of Nigerians. They wilfully, chose, instead to abandon the people of Nigeria, creating a kingdom of poverty in our nation. Nigeria earned an obscene amount of money through crude oil sales under Oliseh Metuh’s friends and cronies yet, they did not even give a glance at the area suffering the devastation of their crude oil windfall. What moral justification have they to wail about the laws of our land taking it’s course against those who lived as lords under a lawless PDP-led government at the expense of ordinary Nigerians?

But the good news is that change is here. Our legal institutions are gradually finding their feet. The dilapidated nation APC’s President Buhari inherited from PDP’s Jonathan, has been totally demolished. All the holes through which rats got into the structure, have been plugged. A new solid foundation has been built by our leaders, President Buhari, Vice President Osinbajo and their team. The Ministers and other appointees will have no choice but to build on this solid foundation. We are starting afresh and Nigeria is indeed, blessed to have President Buhari on the driver’s seat.

Now can the Wailing Wailers, National Association of Political Victims,
Politically Displaced Persons, The Angry Birds Club and
The Politically Depressed Persons give way!


Lauretta Onochie

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Bailout: Sokoto Earmarks N2b For Payment Of Gratuity

Sokoto State government has earmarked over N2 billion for payment of backlog of arrears of gratuity to its workers from 2011 to August, 2015, Gov. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has said.

The governor made the disclosure on Wednesday in Sokoto at the opening of the Quadrennial Delegates Conference of the state council of Medical and Health Workers’ Union.

The conference has as its theme, ‘Towards Sustainable Labour Movement: A New Beginning for Health Workers.”

Tambuwal, who was represented by Alhaji Bature Shinkafi, Head, of the state Civil Service, said the money had been released by the government.

“The first batch of workers to be paid had been verified and payment will commence in the next few days.

“The second batch of beneficiaries will soon be verified and they will be paid immediately after verification,” he added.

The governor restated the commitment of his administration to accord the health sector top priority and promised that government would not toy with the sector.

He urged the members of the union to reciprocate the gesture by being committed, diligent and disciplined.

The National President of the Union, Mr Biobelemoye Josiah noted the cordial relationship between the union and the government and called for its sustenance.

Josiah, who was represented by Mr Hussaini Ahmad, urged delegates not to take the election as a `do or die affair.’

The state chairman of the union, Mr Aminu Tambari-Wamakko, solicited for funds to complete construction work on its secretariat.

Mr Aminu Umar the Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), in the state, appealed to the government to sell its houses to workers on owner-occupier basis.

NAN reports that officers who would pilot the affairs of the union for the next four years would be elected at the delegates conference.

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Buhari Appoints New INEC Chairman, Five Commissioners

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday named Prof. Mahmood Yakubu as the National Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission.

His appointment was approved by the Council of State which met Wednesday in Abuja.

Five new national commissioners were also named for the commission.


The national commissioners are Mrs. Amina Zakari (North-West); Dr. Anthonia Okoosi-Simbine (North Central); Alhaji Baba Shettima Arfo (North-East); Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Lecky (South-South) and Mr. Soyebi Adedeji Solomon (South-West).

Sokoko State Governor Aminu Tambuwal, who briefed State House correspondents after the meeting, said the appointment of the new INEC boss was in line with relevant provisions of the 1999 Constitution and in consultation with the Council of State.

He said the Acting chairman of the Commission, Amina zakari, is now the INEC Commissioner representing the North-West.

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It Is Time For Igbo Leaders, Intellectuals, Media To Condemn Nnamdi Kanu And His Terror Broadcast

By Peregrino Brimah

We have gone down this path too many times. The narrative is always the same; first there is a true agitation, usually shared by the 99% poor across the nation, continent and indeed the world; then a group singles itself out as the one targeted most in the oppression and finally a lunatic picks up the “cause” and declares open terror.

We saw it with Boko Haram. When the terror group first started, they claimed that “Boko was Haram,” that it was western education being “Haram” (evil) that was the root cause of poverty, suffering and disenfranchisement in the north. Mohammed Yusuf claimed to be a crusader for the poor and cajoled their trust and loyalty. One trigger (government miscalculation) and the reign of terror was upon us. Boko Haram is today the most deadly terror group in the entire world. Boko Haram ended up turning a bearable poverty situation into a horrific tragedy beyond repair; one of the largest human disasters of modern days with the second largest displaced population in the entire world today.

It happened in the so-called south-south. There was true agitation, as is shared across Nigeria. There were the poor and the poisoned, as also occurs across Nigeria. Ken Saro-Wiwa first picked up the struggle legitimately and with legitimate means. He was assassinated. Next MEND (Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta) slipped into the shoes as the so-called crusaders for the disenfranchised people of the Niger Delta. Terror was the order of the day with deaths and economic terror leading to thousands of deaths across the entire nation and indeed the world as MEND shut down Nigeria’s oil export and consequently raised global oil prices and caused deadly suffering in poor countries outside Nigeria’s shores. All MEND ended up doing was rendering the Niger Delta youth partially useless — stipend dependent and highly unstable. The Niger Delta remained one of the worst ecological wrecks on earth with Bayelsa listed as the most polluted piece of land on the planet.

Our Failure To Condemn

At the heart of these two historical tragedies was one single denominator: the failure of intellectuals, leaders of thought, the media and conscientious humans in Nigeria and abroad to quickly condemn these fake emancipators, promptly.

We left it to our government to tackle; and even if our government has ever been capable of fully understanding the crisis they were partly or wholly responsible for, and as determined as they should be to tackle it promptly, it would be very hard for them to resolve it by themselves.

In the western world, all arms of society help tackle such menaces. The media properly categorizes terrorists and terrorists in the making from true freedom fighters and resolutely condemns them regardless of the strength and legitimacy of their cause. A terrorist is a terrorist regardless of covering. Or perhaps we should say, cut the terrorist regardless of the cloth. Leaders of thought and intellectuals are quick to join the government in roundly condemning the terrorist fraudulent freedom fighters.

We can already see that in contrast to what is emanating from most of Nigeria, foreign media have properly queried “Radio Biafra” in a recent release from International Business Times UK, with the necessary question, “Is Nnamdi Kanu a fraud.” This article goes to investigate the personality of Nnamdi Kanu (which by the way is said to not be his real name) and his Radio Biafra hate-speech station and query its authenticity versus it being a money making scam from the east. We must appreciate Nigerian activists like Kayode Ogundamisi and a handful of others and some editorials for advertising the reality and real questions about Radio Biafra. Of course at the other end of the spectrum we have rascals like Femi Fani-Kayode who the media unprofessionally gives space and the DSS gives freedom to advocate for terrorist Kanu.

But where are the Igbo leaders of thought? Where are the decent Igbos who Nnamdi Kanu and his terror station claim to represent? Where are the intellectuals from the east to roundly condemn this fraudster who is deviating the true agitation of the noble people of the east?

Nnamdi Kanu Is A Terrorist According To International Laws And Nigeria’s Anti-Terror Act 

Nnamdi Kanu is a dangerous terrorist as I have mentioned before. No country will grant him freedom or bail to continue openly inciting violence against the government and innocent Nigerians; not even Ghana. He is on video harassing innocent northern peasants living in Anambra. His is on tape calling for the murder of innocent Nigerian soldiers in revenge for the alleged murder of three protesters this August end. He is on audio tape recruiting various terrorists and acclaimed manufacturers of laser weapons to use against Nigeria. He has called for the murder of Igbo chiefs and southern leaders including Chief Sylvester O. Dimunah, Rotimi Amaechi, Governor Obiano and many others. Thank God conscientious Igbos on the ground did not heed the calls. He is on tape supporting a so-called Igbo who promised to kill a random “Hausa” man in the east to provoke chaos. All these recordings and videos can be retrieved here: http://newsrescue.com/list-of-terrorism-charges-against-arrested-radio-biafra-leader-nnamdi-kanu/#axzz3p32NDtVm

View Conditions In Nigeria Anti-Terror Act: http://www.loc.gov/law/foreign-news/article/nigeria-senate-house-approve-anti-terrorism-bill/

Further, Nnamdi Kanu is a thief who stole “Radio Biafra” and the “IPOB” organization from the true, responsible elders (Retired Justice Eze Ozubu and co) who he admitted established it.

Self-Determination Via Legal Cause

While I personally support an intellectual referendum to see what the 5 igbo states or any others in addition, truly desire and for them to be granted what they vote, there is no question that the terrorist, blood hungry Nnamdi Kanu is recruiting irrational and unintellectual, broken youth to enrich himself and damage any true cause for self determination, true federalism or otherwise of the Igbo nation.

By remaining silent, Nigeria’s intellectuals, leaders especially unfortunately implicated Igbo are making the error northern leaders made when their silence enabled the successful entrenchment of Boko Haram in their land. The result is our bloody history and hope not again our future.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Inside the Code of Conduct Bureau’s Investigative Report That Nailed Saraki

By Premium Times

A verification report prepared by the Code of Conduct Bureau in July 2006 is key to the ongoing prosecution of the President of the Nigerian Senate, Bukola Saraki, for corruption and false declaration of assets, Premium Times can authoritatively report today.

The report, which was a product of a detailed verification of the assets he declared when he assumed duties as governor of Kwara State in 2003, specifically accused him of giving the Bureau false information on the status of some of his properties in Lagos and Abuja.

The verification was carried out on July 19, 2006, by a team headed by Ikechi Iwuagwu, then a deputy director at the CCB, and comprising Garba Adamu of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and Geraldine Longtsen of the State Security Service.

The team was, at the time, mandated to verify Mr. Saraki assets as listed in his Form CCB 1.
The team also verified the assets declared by a former governor of Lagos State and a leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu.

The Investigative Report

According to the CCB Investigative Report, obtained exclusively by PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Saraki’s properties verified by the team were those on Plot 212 Musa Yar’adua, Victoria Island, Lagos; Plot of land at Lekki Phase 1 in Block 72; Plot of land at Ibatun near Ajah, Lagos; No. 42 Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos; No. 19 Ruxton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos; No. 62 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi; No. 15A & B MacDonald, Ikoyi and No. 6 Volga Street, Maitama A6, Abuja.

This newspaper had exclusively reported that the senate president, on September 6, 2003, put the total value of the eight properties, which he acquired between December 1991 and March 2000, at N2.3 billion.

According to him, the property on Musa Yar’Adua Street, Victoria Island, owned by his company, BAS Trading, was valued at N700 million while the plot of land in Lekki, he acquired in his name in February 1992, was valued at N7 million.

Similarly, the plot in Ajah he got in November 1992 had a value rate of N5 million; the property at 42 Gerrard Road, Ikoyi owned by Skyview Properties Ltd was valued at N750 million property; the one at 19 Ruxton road, Ikoyi, owned by Skyview Properties Ltd was valued at N500 million; the property at 62 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi also owned by Skyview was valued at N100 million; while Carlisle Properties Ltd, one of his company owned the property at No 15A & 15B McDonald Road, Ikoyi worth N160 million.

The property in Maitama District in Abuja was N160 million.

Mr. Saraki also declared the rental incomes of five of the properties.

However, the team, in the report, said it could not locate the two plots of land Mr. Saraki mentioned in his assets declaration form because he did not supply the particulars.

“The team tried to locate the two plots of land mentioned in the Assets Form of the Governor without success as the basic particulars were not supplied,” the report said.

On the property on Plot 212 Musa Yar’Adua Street, Victoria Island, the report said it was a five-storey building complex with additional one storey adjacent to the main complex and that the cost posted by Mr. Saraki on the property was N500 million.

“Our view is that this is certainly overvalued at that cost. The property is properly fenced with high walls for purely residential purpose and managed by Carlisle Properties Ltd,” it said.

On the property at No. 42 Gerald Road, Ikoyi, the team reported, “The property was verified; however our findings show that it is a new two story building still under construction.

“We also confirmed through interview that by the year 2003 it was a vacant land, development commenced just about 2 – 3 years ago. It is an uncompleted building with a low unpainted fence.

“The irony here is that the declarant claimed that he earns N110 million as annual rent on this property. Certainly this is false declaration and the property was valued at N750 million.

“To say the least, this is a clear case of anticipatory declaration because at the time of declaration, there was no building in the vacant land talk less of someone making an income of N750m from the property. Thus the declaration here is at best bogus and phony.”

On the property at 19 Ruxton Road, Ikoyi, the team said although Mr. Saraki declared that it was valued at N500m, its verification revealed that the building was a relatively new complex.

It further stated that its inquiry revealed that the old building was demolished and a new one built there. It said the property was fenced and was a complex built for residential purpose.

It recommended that the “title deed of the property should be demanded from the governor”.

On the property at No. 62 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, the team said it consisted of a three-storey building undergoing renovation.

“It is a very old structure whose value is very far from the N100m claimed by the declarant,” it added.

In its report on the property at No. 15A & 15B MacDonald, Ikoyi, the team said, “While the property at 15A is a big one painted and fenced the other one at 15B is unpainted and lacks character, although it is also fenced. The properties are for residential purposes and we established that the declarant owns them.”

On the property at No. 6 Volta Street, Maitama A6, Abuja, the team said, “This property is a cream and brown coloured duplex with boys’ quarters. At the time of visit there were no obvious sign of occupation. The declarant valued this property which he claims to have acquired in 1996 at N60 million.”

The Senate President in the dock
Saraki Accused Box

Mr. Saraki was docked by the Code of Conduct Tribunal on a 13-count charge on September 18 for alleged corruption and false declaration of assets.

He was specifically accused of deliberately manipulating the asset declaration form he submitted prior to his assumption of his current position as senate president.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges even as he subtly attributed his predicament to his emergence as senate president on June 9 against the wishes of his party, the All Progressives Congress.
Mr. Saraki returns to the CCT Wednesday (today) as the Tribunal has fixed October 21, 22 and 23 for hearing.

Read and download the 13-count charge against Mr. Saraki here.

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Ojude Oba Festival: My Immoral Account By Dotun Adebusoye

With jubilation from like minds i rose to my joyful pinnacle of seeing an event full of rich cultural display and high demonstration of yoruba values, heritage and existing happiness embedded in the showcase of these unrefined cultural practises. However, the joy in my dream was not shattered, I enjoyed every bit of display without seeing a mix of western culture.

Furthermore, in my journey of admiring a colourful display of cultural values those present at the occasion excluding important dignitaries arrested my mind to the point of coma. Infact, I was blessed within, looked fulfilled the style of dressing of over 70% of male gender present at the event was morally commendable.

With joy inherited from the male gender morality display, over 80% of female gender present at the event dressed immorally exposing the most important part of their body to the public majorly to gain cheap attention from the opposite sex. I became frustrated because my common sense alerted me of the damages that single act must have caused a male soul who un-resisted will get enticed with such display of immorality.

Having suffered shame and shock from the female gender, it quickly occurred to me parental role that bothers on proper upbringing that seems lacking from the display of Sodom and Gomorah that greeted the occasion from the feminine side.

Today, it is sad to know that the sudden romance of western culture most especially the mode of dressing has ruined the entirety of the present generation. Undoubted is the fact that the next generation like in debate “Standing on existing protocol” will swiftly embrace, dwell and even perform worst wonders while the damages becomes unending.

Thinking deep in search of solutions and way forward I discovered that channels in which this solution can pierce from are corrupt and can never opt for the change needed. A quick look at our religion arena reminded me of the “church as of old” where moral teaching mars it existence. The world by then advances in morality, social and Godly character.

However, the impression gotten from the advancement in technology and social practices are believed to be instrumental to such indecent dressing.

In the long run, i weep for the crop of Nigerian ladies who sees indecent dressing as financial tool to enrich self and get the needed popularity. Meanwhile sadden is the fact that none of our guys will ever marry a lady with such irresponsible outfit while they derive undue pleasure from someone else future property.

However, the world is changing, old customs are now rubbished, new crop of customs now imported. I pray it would not destroy us.

The white man is very wise. He came quickly and peaceably with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and allow him to stay. Now he has won our brothers and our clan can no longer act as one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.

We cannot continue in the exhibition of this disgraceful act of immoral dressing where our ladies has no respect of dignity from the opposite sex, a problem situated within.

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My Take on Governor Ambode’s First Quarter Scorecard – Wunmi Ajayi

It is impressive to see how Lagosians have been sternly involved and concerned with the state of governance, style, and importantly result achieved by the Ambode administration so far. This is sincerely the best way to keep our politicians on their feet to ensure quality service delivery. We fought for this democracy; we must be engaged in governance processes to protect it. It is clear that in Lagos, there is no time for regression. However, the quality of assessment has been worrisome for me, basically because the quality of assessment equally goes a long way in ensuring that evaluations are holistic. If the strength of assessment is weak, throwing too many promising babies with the bath water becomes absolutely inevitable.


Governor Akinwunmi Ambode should sincerely take it from me, Lagosians are presently not smiling. Though many are engulfed with comparing him with his predecessor, and it’s clear that many are actually expecting Ambode to govern with almost the same style as Fashola, and I think that is wrong and very unfair. No two humans are the same, no two politicians will ever be. The depth of their result and their policies can be compared, how sustainable these policies are and the volume of result they yield is equally of great importance, but we should expect that their styles would differ. Yes, like most people, I believe former Governor Fashola was fantastic, and it will be pointless to even try to take that away from him.


Ambode’s style of leadership is quite unique and it’s easy to identify this with his manner of approach. For once, I see a governor who listens, takes feedback and is most times on the street to monitor progress. But since Lagosians are presently seeing with teary eyes, it might be difficult to identify such uniqueness. And it is quite understandable.

The traffic issue in Lagos has been a mess in recent times, and in every sense, an economic capital shouldn’t be reduced to endless traffic gridlock that kills economic activities. If I were Governor Ambode, I definitely would lose sleep over this issue, apart from the fact that the average life expectancy in Nigeria is just about 50 years, gridlocks see to it that a huge part of these short days are hopelessly wasted.

During the recent town hall meeting held in Abesan – a part of Lagos which has suffered much neglect by previous governments, I felt a subtle wind of change that day, seeing Lagosians sincerely throw their bashings and dissatisfactions and praises at their governor and also reminding him of his campaign promises. I was glad I took a day off my business; I was impressed with this new style of government. We asked for change, but then it doesn’t come easily.

Ambode’s has his work well cut out, and all eyes are on him, basically because we all want a Lagos that works.  But in fairness to Akinwunmi Ambode, his responses to the many teething problems bothering Lagosians have been quite soothing.  I was impressed with the fact that he is always willing to leave the comfort of his office to get on the street to access bad roads and accident scenes. It was pleasing to see pictures of the governor in rolled sleeves, evaluating the causes of gridlocks with his team. That says a lot about him and what Lagosians should expect in days to come.

It is also impressive to see that the evaluation period don’t take forever, in many cases work start out almost immediately. I reside in Ikotun, Alimosho local government. I am pleased to hear that the governor was on site to examine the state of that road, and in a short time, a huge part of the Ikotun road has been renovated, and this would span to Ejigbo road which has been abandoned in the last 8 years.

While the Ikotun road was undergoing re-construction, the traffic at some point was unbearable, and I think the same goes for many of the about 181 roads set to undergo or currently undergoing re-construction and maintenance presently in several parts of the state. I have observed the road re-construction in Bonny Camp/Ozumba Mbadiwe axis, and also Akin Adeshola street in Victoria Island, which I think has been largely responsible for the mad traffic on several parts of Victoria Island. I equally noticed that of Apapa wharf which reduces the trailer terminals from 4 to 1. Should governor Ambode be blamed for re-constructing our roads, sincerely I think not. But his media and communication strategists need to do more; they must have been lackadaisical in their approach. I see no reason why they shouldn’t have envisaged that road maintenance and reconstruction will cause gridlocks. They should have engaged all media platforms to advice Lagosians on this, so alternative routes or options can be utilized where possible. At least we would have been better prepared for the hopeless stress ahead.

Governor Ambode’s directive asking LASTMA to treat road users in Lagos as humans seems to be a prematurely good idea. And this makes me worry and sincerely we should be worried for ourselves as Lagosians.  Lagosians recently have revealed that without inhumane treatment and embarrassment from the law enforcement agencies, many road users would rather be lawless. I thought we once wailed about the tactless and crude approach of LASTMA. In fact we even jubilated when they were sued during Fashola’s days. Governor Ambode should please have a rethink with this booking thingy, when we get to that stage we would let you know. For now, it seems not to be working; the law enforcement guys should do the needful.


Like Nigerians asked that President Buhari be given more time, I think we should give Ambode and some of the new appointees some more time, too. So we can access their administration better before we crucify them. Some of their policies and actions might require more than 4 months to fit in and yield tangible result.

However, the Ambode team should do more to carry Lagosians along with their projects and policies. Presently, if not for taking time out to search the internet or go from one neighborhood to another, one might as well be drowned with the illusion that nothing has been done since Ambode assumed office. Only few are aware that the Ayinke maternity house which has been long abandoned will be completed soon. Many didn’t hear of the 181 road reconstruction and maintenance presently going on. The donation of transformers delivered to rural communities in Epe, Badagry, Ikorodu, and Ibeju Lekki didn’t make headlines, news about payment of 11 billion to pensioners who have been owed since 2010 didn’t circulate. However, the new ambulances to general hospitals and new cars for LASTMA and Kai officials have been quite visible.

Eko O ni baje o.


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Dirty Lies! Former Delta State Gov. Uduaghan Is Not Sick Or In China As Reported

Fejiro Oliver

News currently making the round in the social media and soft sell magazines in Nigeria that immediate past governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan is terribly sick, this reporter can authoritatively report is untrue.

The man fondly called by his traditional title of ‘Asamaigor’, is reportedly sick and even at the tail end of falling into coma. According to the spin doctors, Uduaghan did a surgical operation on his forehead which busted that made him to be hospitalized.

Extensive checks however revealed that Uduaghan has not been to the hospital for any operation or treatment since he left office, and also not in China Republic as peddled about by some medium. While this reporter is yet to verify his present abode, reliable information made available states that the former number one citizen of Delta is as fit as a fiddle, and still carries out his weekly exercises.

Uduaghan who is under the radar of this reporter since he left office has decided to keep quiet over reports concerning the billion Naira debt profile in the state, allegedly left behind by him. Close sources that are with him disclosed that his refusal to speak is for the benefit of the state, as he does not want to distract his successor, Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa, with needless replies, from him or any of his aides.

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The Story Of My Invitation And Visit To EFCC – Akpabio

Godswill Akpabio, former governor of Akwa Ibom and senate minority leader, has said the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) invited him and he honoured the invitation over alleged siphoning of N108.1 billion from the state’s treasury.

Akpabio made the clarification at a news conference on Tuesday in Abuja to deny media reports that he was arrested by the commission.

“I was invited by the EFCC but that was a long time ago, just before my accident and I said okay that when I am fit that I will go to see them to respond to the allegation that they said a young lawyer wrote petition against me.

“So, when I was chanced on Friday, I went there on my own to listen to them, go through the petitions and make my response.

“And thereafter I was allowed to go and I was admitted on bail, I think that is in line with their procedure, so it wasn’t a function of an arrest.

“It was a voluntary decision on my part as a law abiding citizen to go there. That is why when I heard that some youths were very disturbed in various parts of the Niger Delta.

“It wasn’t a problem. I feel as a law abiding citizen people write petitions against you. As a lawyer we believe in let the other side be heard.”

According to him, the figure earlier reported in the media was more than the actual figure contained in the petition filed against him by undisclosed petitioners.

“The problem we have is the way sometimes things are publicised, allegation is not guilt and then of course the blotted figures that we see.

“If somebody has a petition against you for N20 billion, they will write N200 billion or N10 billion, they will then write N1trillion; and by the time it comes out, it goes all over the world that so, so person is standing trial.

“In fact, it is almost like judgment, the way the press reports it. Outside that I think it is a civic responsibility.

“And the right thing for me to do as a senator that if a petition is written against me I should go and give my response to it so that they will have an informed judgment but that does not mean that is admission of guilt no.

“I just want to urge all my people in Akwa Ibom state who probably were disturbed to know that such monies were not missing from the coffers of the state, that is the simple truth.

“And if we had such additional sums as he (the petitioner) mentioned it , we would have done more for the state.”

Akpabio maintained that the petitions against him were politically motivated by some disgruntled persons in the state.

He, however, expressed optimism that he would be vindicated after the investigation.

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