Open Letter To Osun Speaker Dr Najeem Salaam, By Akinyemi Oluwaseye

Dear Sir,

Years have continued to tip-toe into my memory with warm reflection about your impactful personality. Your dignity has never ceased to be magnified with integrity and humility. To many, you have been generous like the wind that blows in a heat-filled night. To many, you have epitomized your name, being the ‘Star’ that has illuminated their path to greatness and fulfilled dreams. Your diligence, sense of purpose, knack for excellence and commitment to serving humanity will continue to be ingredients that catalyses your attaining grander heights among your peers.

The sun does not herald to a superficial announcement about her significance. The moon brightens the earth at night without funfair; but when the stars emerge, the beauty of the sky captivates onlookers and wows them into a charming splendor.Sir, may you continue to be the ‘Star’ that entices the memory of human beings with the goodness you do.

You have demonstrated over the years an uncommon concern for those around you and those whose interests you have been entrusted to serve. Working under your stewardship has been expository and highly eventful. I have in actual fact learnt from your stewardship that when we prepare adequately today, chances are that we will not have to repair tomorrow.

Outstandingly, I have come to realize through your marvelous personality that the best use of power or wealth is to use it to create happiness and prosperity for others. Men are alike in their promises; but only in their deeds do they differ.Your  charitable giving and serving the less-privileged and the down-trodden who crowd your vicinity has shown that you grasp the best ways of power control.

One may be granted a position of authority, but not real leadership. Your composure, smartness and influence as a leader refresh my belief that with personalities like you in power, the State of Osun and Nigeria can attain their great potentials. To many of us, you are a hero. I always see the manifestation of Arthur Ashe’s submissions in you, that “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever the cost.”

Sir, as you continue your good works in impacting lives and humanity, many will continue to look up to you because you have not ceased to sustain their trust and confidence. Do not stop being the great,reliable and humble leader that you are. My sincere wishes are that: God propels you to greater heights with uncommon ease and may His Mercies eradicate any jinx that comes your way. Amen. Cheers Sir!

Your Sincerely,

Akinyemi Oluwaseye

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