Between @Obyezeks and @GenOlukolade and Issues of National Importance By Mubarak Tijani

Relevant information are taken seriously irrespective of where its coming from, all that’s important is will the same be beneficial to all.

This particular sentence was my tweet @obyezeks and @GenOlukolade when the duo engaged in rather fierce, well informed but one sided tweet chat on twitter on the 15th of January 2015. This day marks the annual armed forces remembrance day, and as usual Nigerians across all facet of life and on social media showered their unending support and love towards the Nigerian security agent and prayed for our fallen heroes who have fought for the continuous togetherness of this nation as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign state.

As we all remember our fallen heroes in our own respective ways those of us on the social media site like twitter are not left as thousands of us eulogize the efforts of our fallen heroes who have laid their lives despite the inadequacies in the provision of requisite weapons and artillery for our soldiers to combat the continuous attack on our dear nation by the deadly book haram sect. As the commendation and tributes were tweeted and retweeted by proud Nigerians who have felt the impact of our fallen heroes, @Obyezeks tweeted @DefenceInfoNG, @HQNigerianArmy and @GenOlukolade stating the following that please escalate support for our compatriots in BIU. They are shouting out to ALL OF US, she further tweets that Are YOU aware of the outcry from residents of BIU? Voices from BIU say they are under ATTACK.

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This armless and informed tweet sparks up lots of different opinion as @GenOlukolade who happens to be the defense spokes person tweets that @obyezeks should stop creating unnecessary fears in the country because as privileged citizens she knows how she can get in touch with the necessary authorities.

Nigeria as a country must start to realize the fact that issues of National importance are not to be joked with. The Nigerian military before now have been adjudged one of the best in combat on land as it has helped in single handedly repelling attacks and fought both internal and external aggression in neighboring African countries and have proven her worth in several United Nation peace keep missions. What baffles millions of Nigerians and @obyezeks inclusive is why the said adjudged most successful combats or combatant on land will be unable to fight and successfully overcome the recent challenges faced by her. Many have queried how trillions of naira voted for security had been spent and what has been the outcome of various security tips that many Nigerians had volunteered in repelling the attack of the monstrous beings called book haram and whether they have been able to make effective use of intelligence gathered to combat the insurgent.

The plight of individuals and @obyezeks have been how do we trust a government that failed to believe the abduction of the chibok girls at first and the same government that lied about the rescue of the chibok girls or a government that has failed woefully in discharging her primary responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of all Nigerians irrespective of status, and or affiliations. The tweet of madam @obyezeks was to inform the Nigerian security agent of the ongoing attack in BIU and the responsibility of a well informed security outfit is to respond mildly rather than engaging in tweet fight.

The responsibility of the of government irrespective of the tier or arm, agency and parastatal is to work towards national integration and securing a well managed economy that will enhance the livelihood of her citizenry. Securing the lives and property of every individual is the main object of every responsible government; in same vein the citizens also owe it to his or her nation to make available any useful information and or tips that will enable any organ of government function effectively in other to benefit all citizens alike. The tweet of madam @obyezeks is part of rendering services she owe as a responsible, responsive and alert citizen of this country.

Advancing the course of this great nation of ours becomes the responsibility of every individual irrespective of status, religion and ethnic affiliations. Issues of National importance should not be treated with sentiments but must be treated and tacked objectively.

Mubarak Tijani writes in from Lagos
Tweets @illuminant_o

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