Nigerians React To Gombe Senator Danjuma Goje’s Call To Scrap FG’s NSIP

Nigerians, mostly beneficiaries of the FG’s very successful NPower program have reacted to calls made by Senator Danjuma Goje to scrap the National Social Investment Program (NSIP) of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

Senator Goje, who doubles as chairman Senate Committee on Appropriations, had on Thursday picked holes in the National Social Investment Programme, saying the impact of the programme is not felt at the grassroots.

Some Nigerians who took to different social media platforms expressed disgust at Senator Goje’s comments describing it as “lies from the pit of hell.”

Many of the beneficiaries of the NSIP comprising NPower, National Home Grown School Feeding, Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme, and the National (conditional) Cash Transfer Programme, agreed that Senator Goje had lost touch with his constituency since his inauguration as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A Facebook user, Abubakar Dala Aliyu wrote: “I have four sisters and a brother enjoying the benefits of N-Power all from Gombe.”

Abdulhakeem A Raji commented thus: “Senator Goje saying no one in Gombe is benefitting from NPower in Gombe is not true. I have many friends and relatives benefitting in Gombe.”

“He lied,” “Big liar,” wrote Aminu Ali Daho, and Isyaku Ila Ahmad respectively.

Ismail Musa Yerima commented: “Unfortunately their political thugs couldn’t hijack the scheme this time. The children of politicians are not in public schools.”

Twitter was not left out, as @awonpeace tweeted “Painfully and sadly, I do not see signs that these law makers have the interest of Nigerian youths at heart.”

@OchonuJoseph “Sen, Danjuma Goje is a “dunce” for making such an unfounded claimed about SIP. I’m proud to be a beneficiary of SIP. It is the only transparent n’ Result oriented program the Nigeria government has ever embarked on that benefits the youth. May nemesis befall Goje”

@1vitalsplash “I’m sure they’re looking for ways to blackmail President Muhammadu Buhari into approving one of their corrupt biddings…”

“The Senate doesn’t care about their constituents…all they are after is the 13.5 million monthly allowance and their constant 750k salary. Many of them are only distinguished to their pockets,” @judesadiq1 tweeted.

It is important to note that the NSIP has been largely adjudged to be free of manipulations of politicians as the program has relied heavily on technology in its implementation and reached beneficiaries across its programs directly. Indeed many Nigerians who have benefited have applauded President Muhammadu Buhari for not bowing to pressure from politicians to turn the program into another political jamboree for political office holders to ‘settle’ their boys.

Nigerians await the passage of the 2018 budget which the executive submitted months ago but the senate has dragged its feet in passing. It remains to be seen if the senators will be able to return to their constituencies to the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians benefiting from the social investments programs if indeed it is scrapped.

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  1. I hope these beneficiaries will be able to testify publicly to what the Buhari government has done for them, and ensure that they appear in any campaign by Danjuma Goje for re-election, to counter and discredit him for lying against his people and the Buhari administration. He should not return to the Senate in 2019.

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