Nigerians Paying For Sins Of PDP — Tinubu

Nigerians are paying part of the sins of the 16-year rule of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, through the lingering fuel crisis in the country, All Progressives Congress, APC, national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, said yesterday.

Tinubu made the assertion on the fringes of a reconciliation meeting of APC South-West leaders at the residence of Aremo Segun Osoba.

Tinubu said: “For 16 good years, PDP destroyed the country. We should not be lamenting about petroleum queues today if they had seen what is necessary and done what is necessary for this country.

“We can’t be emotional and in self denial. If they had done Awolowo Road, if they had done Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, if they put priority on our rails, if they put priority on electricity generation and distribution, we will not be in this mess that we are today.

“Nigerians are impatient for what? I research Nigeria,they just want to see the direction of the economic policy and want to be certain of the future that we will not continue in the direction of leaderless, directionless and hopelessness of the past 16 years.”

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  1. When you and your party brought the message of change to Nigeria and Nigerians,you didn’t say then that they will pay for the sins of the PDP. You don’t look different from the supreme being who watched some people sin,and had to send someone without sin to pay for the sins he never commited. Why not make the sinning PDP members pay for it,and let Nigerian masses live well? During the time the acclaimed sins were committed by some PDP members,Nigerian masses suffered. Now that the sins/or mess had to be cleaned out,you still insist on making Nigerian masses pay for sins they never committed. Is that fair? Comments like this make people sick and tired

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