Nigeria is Greater Except Religion is Added! – Alistair Soyode [Speech at Nigeria Centenary Awards, UK]

The Nigeria Centenary Awards UK took place in the Waltham-Forest Town Hall, London on the 27th June 2014. The event was well attended by Nigerians in the country with more than 400 people in the capacity Hall. Among them were the Nigeria High Commissioner to United Kingdom, HE. Dr Senator Dalhatu Tafida, His Deputy, Ambassador Lawal, Ministers and Counsellors who came to witnessed the major event in support of Nigerians doing wonderful things in the UK.

Other side attractions included performances and musical shows by Sona, Deioba Authentic and Sweetboyz while top comedian Wale Gates kept the house laughing with his cracking jokes.

The keynote speech at the event was delivered by the keynote speaker, Alistair Soyode – Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Leadership Forum (NiD LeaF) and founder BEN Television, UK. He was named among the top 100 personalities contributing to the Nigerians image and community in UK at the award.


Nigeria is Greater except Religion is added! – Alistair Soyode

Nigeria is greater than all of us. We have more than 250 ethnic groups, more than 300 languages, 36 different states, 109 senators from the 36 states each divided in 3 senatorial districts each electing one senator; the FCT Territory elects only one senator. One President and VP.

Importantly, Nigeria is controlled by the politicians who use the instrument of Religion to gain prominence especially in their domain.

Therefore many of us, Religion is classified as the weapon to use for political office holders or to seek political office.

We sincerely believe that Religion should not be allowed to be greater than Nigeria, neither ethnicity nor any form of allocated ideologies for selective area or people.

Nigeria belongs to us all. There must be an access to equality to all of us here regardless of our states, locality, ethnicity and surely the biggest threat to our survival religion.


Nigeria is the 24th economy in the World, No 1 now on the African continent yet the masses are not feeling the benefit of the new status. It will take time with good leadership as seen in some quarters.

Opportunities abound in large measure and by 2050, Nigeria’s population will be in the region of 300million, and in term of Non oil sector’s revenue, is generating more.

Nigeria is Greater, even Religion is Added = NIGERIA.

We have a nation that is going through a serious threat to her survival base on one thing – Religion.

We are not killing each other because of state, or Ethnicity (though politically that may be challenged) but religion is the killing factor right now. Our faith leaders all need to come together to find and agreed on a solution that will give peace a chance.

Should we deceived ourselves and behave as if we don’t have any feeling for humanity? No. Far from it. Nigeria is Greater, Even Religion is Added (NIGERIA)

No one here wants lose his or her family member for what can be avoided.


Nigeria is learning everyday especially with the latest elections in the country where predicted results were toppled. This is showing that the electorates are learning new skills to gather for short term projects whilst expectation on long term gains can only be delivered by the leaders if possible.

This also leads me to share the joy that Nigerians in Diaspora can now have the opportunity to votes in subsequent elections as requested by the on-going National Conference with the call for the constitution to be amended to allow Diaspora voting. We can participate and become more relevant in nation building. It is our duty to make Nigeria, Great. We need to act and do these: –

Our political players in the country need to be check

Our Religious understanding need to be evaluate

Our leaders need to share honestly and transparently with all

Our egos need to be appropriate & a means of living peacefully

Our Nation need to accept us as we are

Our country need to judiciously judge all appropriately

One Nation – one destiny

Nigeria – Good people Great Nation

We say:

N – No to wanton killings and destruction

I – Invite peace and you will live in harmony

G – Greet your neighbor as you will like to be greeted

E – Engage all without bitterness

R – Radiant love at all times

I – Intelligence is a powerful tool to weaken your enemies

A – Arise – Nigerians Arise

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