NAHCON To Sanction Tour Operators Over Poor Arrangement For Pilgrims Stay In Muna

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), has said it will sanction some tour operators who defaulted in their arrangement for the transportation and accommodation of pilgrims to Muna, for the commencement of the hajj rites.

Secretary of commission,  Dr. Muhammad Bello Tambuwal stated this in an interview while commenting on the plight of some pilgrims who could not be moved to Muna.

It was reported that some pilgrims mostly those that came in through your operators could not be moved to Muna at about eleven o’clock last night. This resulted from the failure of the tour operators to submit details of their pilgrims to the Mu’assasa, resulting further to the failure of the pilgrims submitting their passports to the Mu’assasa to enable them plan properly for their transportation and accommodation arrangements to, and in Muna.

Respite however came the way of the pilgrims as the Chairman of the commission, Barrister Abdullah Muhammad Mukhtar wade into the problem to salvage the pilgrims and the Nigerian image by evacuating, accommodating and feeding the stranded International pilgrims,

According to Dr Tambuwal, the commission chairman along with the head of the Taradudiyyah and Jamaraat Committees, Dr Aliyu Tanko and other officials who decided not to perform the Hajj met with the Mu’assasa and Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah officials to sort things out, at the end which it was resolved that all pilgrims that could not be moved to Muna upto about eleven o’clock last night, be moved directly to Arafat, and same with those who could not get accommodation in Muna.

Dr Tambuwal however said a list of the defaulting tour operators is being compiled to enable the commission apply proper contractual sanctions against them.

Meanwhile, pilgrims at the plains of mount Arafat have been engaging in the act of worship as part of the four pillars of Hajj.

This year, Arafat has taken a new look with permanent tents unlike the previous years where blankets were used as makeshift tents.

All the tents have been fortified with desert coolers that would soften the harsh weather condition, if they function maximally and as expected.

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