“My Great Kaduna Competition: Top 15 Contributors Emerge

The General Public may be aware that following the government decision to adopt the Crowd-Sourcing approach, entries were invited for the “My Great Kaduna Competition.” The competition was made open to interested persons across the world to contribute to the Kaduna State Development Strategy, 2016-2020. Additional incentives on the competition were provided for competitors which included the following:

  1. Top 3 submissions to win an IPAD and dine with the Governor and his Team;
  2. Top 15 submissions to dine with the Governor and his Team;
  3. The names of all contributors to be mentioned in the Kaduna State Development Strategy 2016-2021 when finalized.

In order to objectively assess the submissions from respondents, Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai formed an Assessment Committee with membership drawn from the private sector, government and development partners. The 15-man Technical Committee was led by the Rector of the Kaduna Business School and had in its membership representatives of Civil Society, International Development Partners and line MDAs. The Committee was inaugurated on the 21st of September, 2015 with a timeframe of two weeks to complete its’ assignment.

The Committee’s major task was to screen and select top 15 submissions on any topic that can lead to development of Kaduna State utilizing a true and fair assessment process. The aim of the approach is to get the input of people so that the State Restoration Plan for the next five (5) years would be seen to include the views of the people.

A total of 478 entries from the respondents were assessed and rated using agreed and detailed selection criteria. A total of top 25 contributors were selected from the 478 entries and subjected to rigorous analysis and refinement to arrive at the final top 15 contributors.

The presentation from the top 15 contributors can be broadly classified into cutting edge innovation, across the following sectors: Environment, Education, Energy (Solar Power) and Broadband Connectivity. Other include Transportation, Smart City, Tourism and Housing

The Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Budget and Planning, Muhammad Sani Abdullahi wishes to on behalf of the Kaduna State Governor announce the final top 15 contributors, their scores, their sector of interest and topical areas with the table below:

Table 1.

S/N Name Scores Sector Innovation
1 Lwahas Nandom Adoniram 91.86 Environment Converting Waste to Wealth
2 Tsura John- Wya 90.00 Environment Utilizing the Untapped Mineral Resources (Quarry)
3 Dr. Abdulkarim Lawal Mayere 85.71 Power Creating Energy Efficiency for cost savings
4 Shekari Rijo Shekari 85.45 Education Improvement of Primary Education
5 Kalu Aja 83.00 Power Solar Power Generation
6 Mosi Mosugu & Walter Eyetan 75.86 E-Governance Effective Broadband Connectivity
7 Fatima Iliyasu (Balarabe) 75.19 Agriculture Value Chain Activities and Market Potentials
8 Felix Obite 74.75 Regional Dev’t Smart City Initiative using clusters
9 Joy Ajuluchukwu 73.83 Transport Modern Transport System & City Decongestion Machanism
10 Abubakar Muhammed 73.36 Transport Traffic Decongestion & Revenue Generation
11 Ojoago O. O. Naomi 67.75 Education Effective Standardization of Government Schools
12 Engr. G. A. Adoga, MNSE, MNIAE 66.14 Agriculture E-Monitoring (Tracking) System
13 Faisal Bukar Mallum 61.58 Tourism Tourism and Economic Development
14 Engr. Abubakar Ahmad Magaji 60.36 Regional Dev’t Housing Decongestion & Land Utilization
15 Engr. Yunusa Ali Sa’id 56.22 Education Improved e-Learning/Teaching Softwares (3D)


All the winners would be contacted with details as regards to the dinner date with the Governor and his team.


PR Unit

Ministry of Budget and Planning, Kaduna State.

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