Mission Statement of The All Progressives Youth Forum for APC (APC Youth Wing)

APC-Logo-388x349Democracy is a culture not an event. It is more than just election cycles and money sharing formulas, or power grab and ‘federal character’. It is a way of life! It affords us the liberty to decide who represents us, and the latitude to determine how we are represented. It defines who becomes a leader, but more importantly, it defines HOW that leader should lead. It is about the power of the PEOPLE, not the Government. It is about freedom that is anchored on equality before a law; It is about a law that is designed for the people, and against them. It is that value that is rooted in the social mores of the people; the decency to do a greater good for the greater number of the population. It is about a majority getting their way, and the minority having their say!

It is not in doubt that the Youths are in the majority in this country, an estimated 65-70% of that population. In that case, Nigeria is the only ‘democratic nation’ where the basic tenet of democracy is defied by having the majority marginalized both economically and politically; a sad and a tragic reality! But that can change, and it will change!!!

As the future of this country, it becomes imperative for us to get involved in participatory politics and democratic governance. Not only because we want to, but because we have to.
Doing nothing and expecting something is illogical and perhaps, even immoral.
We must complement the efforts of good men who have come together to create a viable platform by giving them the youthful numbers, energy, exuberance, skills and commitment.
We must participate in defining our destiny.
And so we are committed to this project and the growth of democracy. The superiority of the party based on ideas not individuals. And this is our MISSION!!!So help us God!~

Barr. Ismaeel B. Ahmed (LL.B, BL, MA, LL.M)

Chairman pro tempore:

All Progressives Youth Forum for APC


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