Man Who Named Dog ”Buhari’ Has Named New-born Daughter, ‘Aisha’

Barely few days after he was released from police detention following his arrest for naming his dog ‘Buhari, Joachim Iroko Chinakwe has hit the news again with the naming of his new-born daughter after the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Lawyer/Human Rights Activist, Inibehe Effiong stated in his facebook post that Iroko named his daughter delivered few days after he was released ‘Aisha’.

“Joachim Iroko Chinakwe, the man who named his dog ‘Buhari’ has done it again. He has just called to inform me that he has named his newly born baby/daughter after the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari,” Effiong said.

“He has given his 3-day-old baby two names; Mise and Aisha.”

“According to him, Mise is a native Delta name which means ‘I am doing it’. He said that he also named his daughter Aisha, after the wife of the President and that she will bear the two names concurrently.”

“Sincerely, I am short of words. I never for once contemplated this. As a matter of fact, I deliberately refused to ask Iroko what name he intended to give his daughter when he called last Friday (September 2) to intimate me that his wife had put to birth.”

“I do not know what Nigerians will say about this. It is my prayer that this will not also end him in jail since some names seems to have special protection of the Nigeria Police Force.”

“Let us hope that this is not another “conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace”.

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