Life Continental Beer Rewards 30 Businesses With N7.5 million In Abia State

Entrepreneurs in Abia state were rewarded with a total of N7.5 million
by Life Continental Lager Beer during the Progress Booster Show on
Friday 30 September 2016 at the City Global Hotel, Aba.  Prior to this,
the beer brand had presented N15 million Naira to 30 entrepreneurs in
Enugu and 30 entrepreneurs in Owerri in June and August 2016

Life Progress Booster is an entrepreneurial talent hunt and mentoring
radio programme initiated by Life Continental Lager Beer, from the
stable of Nigerian Breweries targeted at helping talented innovative
businessmen and women in the South-east.
For the Aba grant presentation, 20 winners were pre-selected during the
monthly radio program while the other 10 entrepreneurs were selected
from among those given the opportunity to present their business ideas
to judges through a live interview at the venue.

“Progress Booster is a programme we started to support the people of the
South-east who have good and innovative business ideas, we want to
encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of the South-eat.
Last year we empowered 50 entrepreneurs. Our goal for 2016 is to empower
200 entrepreneurs and so far, we’ve funded 96 businesses through the
Progress Booster platform.” Said Emmanuel Agu, Portfolio Manager
Mainstream Lager and Stout brands, NB Plc, while addressing the audience
at the event.

The past winners of the Progress Booster show shared stories of how the
money given to them by Life Continental Beer has secured growth for
their businesses.  They also encouraged the new winners to make good use
of the support given to them by the beer known for promoting progress.

Interested participants aged 18 years and above can submit their
business proposal on

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