Let’s Put Buhari Where He Belongs, By Muhammad Karamba Ibrahim

Since he assumed power, every move made by Nigeria’s number one citizen has been a matter of discussion amongst Nigerians. There is always an issue in the media (especially the social media) about the present Buhari and the past Jonathan administration comparison. This has polarized the nation mainly into the Pro-Buharist whom I call the Buhari fanatics and Gejites whom I call the Anti-Buharists. For a Buhari fanatic, his hero is infallible. For a Gejite, Buhari will always be the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria. But can either of this groups be right?

As human beings, we have that tendency to make wrong judgments or make mistakes. We can be selfish a times. We can be driven by pride. We can hold grudges. That’s who we are. Working towards good doesn’t guarantee that we won’t err along the line. Being a good person doesn’t mean we won’t do anything bad and vise-versa. I think this is a very important rule needs to put at the back of his mind when judging between people.

I remember when Nigerians got fed up with all the bad that has happened during the past administration. Nigerians (especially we the Buhari fanatics) would believe practically everything bad said about the previous administration. Why? Because we have characterized the whole of it as bad so nothing good could possibly come out of it. Similarly, we are applying the same logic in believing that Buhari’s government is for good and therefore Buhari would never make wrong judgments. Are we being fair to Buhari and Jonathan? I seriously doubt that.

First there was the sanction on AIT, then the assets declaration issue, then the Controversy over the appointment of Daura who is an APC card carrying member as DSS boss and then “My 100days covenant with Nigerians”. Also, Buhari’s statement about favoring zones where he got the most votes. All these are instances where Buhari or his media aides denied something after they’ve realized its impact politically. I am not approving or disproving their denial, but I think we have put Buhari in a very difficult position by pushing him to the category of infallibles. Buhari is now in a situation where he could likely sell his integrity for infallibility. I must say that I was very disappointed when I had the presidency denying any knowledge of the “My 100days covenant with Nigerians” piece. It is impossible for Buhari or his aides to say they never knew about it. Does anyone has a comprehensive solution to this conundrum? Has the Presidency lied? This question might likely remain unanswered forever.

Buhari needs our help. We have to be open minded and be ready to accept the truth. No one doubts the integrity of this man and any Nigerian citizen who would be fair knows that we have noticed remarkable positive change since he came into power. But one thing is for certain. Buhari is fallible. Buhari could make mistakes or wrong judgments. We cannot continue to be driven by regional, religious or tribal bias. We are one nation that is suffering from Poverty, Insurgency and Corruption. He is on track. Let’s for once pray for the betterment of Nigeria rather than pray to prove why I didn’t vote for Buhari. May God bless Nigeria. Amen

Muhammad Karamba Ibrahim


Twitter: @Mukib_Almisauwi


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