Let Bygones Be Bygones By Umar Abubakar

I almost titled this write up to be ‘’one nation bound in freedom’’ little had I know that the Nigerian anthem presided on democracy day, weekly Federal executive council meetings, and other formal occasions were somehow misapprehended. Thus, Nigeria is still on the verge of sliding into a xenophobic nation of its own. I share my deep thoughts and concerns with Nigerians although I share a quick story which might be helpful in realizing the relative economic, social, importance of staying as one nation in peace and unity.

Nigeria as a divided nation shall certainly experience absolute nothing if not a rapid increase in crime rates, unemployment, and low economic productivity and sustainability.

Consider yourself as a psychologist meeting up with your long lost high school classmate and friend Musa, a northerner, in an occasion where he happens to reach you to acknowledge your recent promotion as GMD of the NNPC.

Although your appointment was based on character and with immediate effect, you now thought of going against all measurable and organizational values thereby proceeding to give all sorts of vacancy to Musa, a Mechanical engineer from the University of Oxford to oversee the most relevant part of the job. Anyways, can an engineer ever outsmart a psychologist in the modern day? It’s obviously no.

However along the line, Musa now decided to disregard the service plan assigned to him and little do you figure out that all that Matters to him was to create personal value, enrich himself and take the greater advantage by diverting all government petroleum products to his tank farm in an undisclosed hideout. After an annual survey and board meeting, the final decision was to offer you a letter of query which accounts you responsible for petroleum theft in the bigger picture. After several internal consultations and evaluations, Musa had  flown out of the country and the stakeholders demand a final briefing on the issue?

As a psychologist, how exactly do you attend to such? Disclose your incapacity to solely do the job? Declare Musa for petroleum theft? Regardless of how it goes, it will certainly disqualify both parties.

I happen to ask myself lately on why some Nigerians want division. Are we all that serious? Do you visit a dentist when you have no teeth? So does having a divided nation means destroying all the efforts of our heroes past .I believe the hardship in the Nigerian governing system alone today does not even give the high-class Nigerian the guts to account for justice and credibility neither does it give you the autonomy to ask for good leadership hence, many are aiming for division on the basis of Cultural differences?

Religion, tribe, ethnicity, separation of power within political parties?   All that thoughts only prevail in the minds of high earning Nigerians who afford to eat three times a day i.e I doubt if the average Nigerian does the same anyway?  The Niger delta still stands as the major source of crude oil and its exportations serves as a way of generating income at the national level.

Furthermore, it does put the Nigerian labour force at a vital stage of attracting more foreign direct investments to the economy and contrary,  the northern part is blessed with the most suitable land for agricultural purposes, where farming activities and the food we consume are mostly gotten. When food security is ensured, the products and raw materials are therefore processed and assembled for exportations.

Today, the connection between food and oil is systematic due to a higher increase in the prices of both. Now tell me, is this even going to work out? This is even more infuriating when you compile the senseless reasons our elder statesmen and politicians come up with whenever the division issue is being raised in order to proffer everlasting solutions.

This is a time Nigeria needs to be re united ever than before.  A time to preserve history for the younger generations,  A time to wipe out all religious, cultural differences,  and put Nigeria first with the natural resources available to us.  Being the giants of Africa is a great honour and privilege perhaps, we urge all traditional and religious leaders in Nigeria to remain vigilant and more superior in ensuring national unity and security for a better future to our unborn children.

As I elaborated earlier, you would do all within your capacity as a psychologist to make sure Musa revives his integrity by returning all the diverted products so as to save your prosperity for a better future. May God grant Mr President good health to re unite Nigerian so the likes of Namdi Kanu will have only animals to fight in the Biafran republic.



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