Lagos 2019: SDP Guber Candidate Vows To Build Fourth Mainland Bridge

The governorship candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Lagos State, Dr. Adetokunbo Pearse at the weekend promised to build the Fourth Mainland Bridge and complete the light rail project if elected the governor of the state next year.

Pearse, in an exclusive interview with THISDAY, stated that upon completion, the two projects would ease traffic congestion in the state.

The guber candidate noted that he had an ambitious plan to construct an alternative corridor route from eastern corridor to western part of the state to decongest Lagos-Ibadan expressway.  

“The state’s first civilian governor, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande started the water transportation system. But as soon as some other governors came in, they messed it up.”

“I will renew water transportation so that we can move around Ikorodu and Badagry by water. If there is an emergency, you can move by water. The major problem in Lagos is congestion. If you want to build an economy, you improve transportation.”

He said the gridlock on the state’s roads “is destroying economy. Imagine someone who is ill being trapped in a gridlock. It happened to someone I knew who died in a car after spending three hours in the traffic and this happens all the time.

“The first thing I will do is to build drainage all over the state so that when rain falls, the water will flow into the canal, which will run into the river. Water on the roads damages the roads and create problem of traffic,” he added,

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