What You Should Know About The New iPhone 8

The new iPhone will come in at least one brand new colour.

Apple has taken to revealing new hues alongside its new handsets in recent years.

This time around, that will be a coppery colour that is being referred to as “blush gold”, according to numerous leaks. And that colour has already been seen, in leaked SIM trays that will eventually slot into the side of the mystery handset.

Though the tray looks metallic and shiny, it’s likely that the phone itself will be much more glossy. But the tray will match the colour of the body of the phone, leaks report.

Apple has introduced major new metallic colours in each of its new phones: a yellow gold with the iPhone 6, which was followed by a pinky, rose gold in the 6s. For the 7, it launched two new colours – jet black and black – and even released a red version of the handset halfway through the year.

Those colours are thought to be important ways of marking out the new handsets as well as generating excitement about the look of the phone.

Aside from the new look, Apple is expected to add a screen that sweeps across the entire front of the phone, and sensors that allow people to unlock the phone with their face. For all that, Apple is expected to ask more than $1,000 for the new handset, making it by far the most expensive ever.

It will be announced at an event on September 12. It’s expected to go on sale about a week and a half later.

The same launch event is expected to see the release of a new Apple TV, a Watch and upgraded versions of the iPhone 7.

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