Keyamo Lauds President Buhari For Eliminating ‘Grand Corruption’

Festus Keyamo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari for his commitment to the anti-corruption war.

Keyamo, who was among the discussants at the symposium  on the topic: ‘Leadership,  Good Governance and Nation Building’, stressed that President Buhari’s government has been able to eliminate “grand corruption”.

The Human rights lawyer noted that politicians cross-carpet because they are looking for a safe landing that would give them coverage.

“Whether it is from APC to PDP,  or the other way round,  it is because they are looking for recognition.

“Politicians are united in corruption.  Any politician that does not make fight against corruption an issue,  is not sincere to the followers.

“The problem has always been lack of prudent application of the resources.  And the corruption we are fighting today, started long ago.  Corruption did not start today.

“Nigeria is facing a great crisis and that is what we are suffering in the country.  There should be leadership by example and this is lacking in this country. This is the crisis that we are having in this county today”, Keyamo stated.

While admitting that “small corruption” still exists in the administration, he stressed that President Buhari’s government has created a society where there is no equilibrium.

“We have to create a sane society whether we like it or not”, he added.

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