Kaduna Govt Partners Media To Encourage Breastfeeding

Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State Primary Health care agency, Dr Hadiza Balarabe, has urged journalists to contribute their quota toward sensitizing mothers on the imperative of Infant and Young Child Feeding practice for proffer child growth.

Dr Balarabe represented by the Nutrition officer of the agency,  Hajiya Hauwa Usman, stated this at a media round table in Kaduna.

Hajia Usman, in her remarks, noted that Infant and Young Child Feeding practice was unsatisfactory in the state.

She explained that, a 2017 report indicated that, only twenty percent of infants enjoyed exclusive breast feeding in the state.

She said: “Only 10% of children aged 6 – 23 months were fed appropriately and Only 19.7% are exclusive breastfed”.

Dr Balarabe stated that, many countries of the world are presently paying attention to exclusive breast feeding because of its benefit and urged parents to adopt the practice.

She further said exclusive breast feeding during the first six months of life, was one of the most effective interventions for preventing child death.

Dr Balarabe pointed out that, exclusive breastfeeding boost child immunity and improved the both health of the mother and the child, as well as contribute to his brain development.

She maintained that, exclusive breastfeeding is what every government need  to encourage, stressing that, the breast milk contains all the water and nutrient which  a baby needs during the first six months of life .

According to her, the state government was doing everything possible to educate parents especially nursing mother’s on the imperative of exclusive breast feeding.

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