June 12: A Day Not To Remember By Valentine Onyeka Ogunaka

Nigeria's Undeclared PresidentThe jingles chimed aloud

Than double-barreled guns

‘On the march…on the march’

They rippled through the dams…

From the newspaper vendor

To the streets that rejoiced

Different people, different cultures

Sang with a common voice…


Gladness filled the air

A hopeful atmosphere

It riveted the world

Election historia…


Oh, blessed be democracy

It chimed against autocracy


But two decades after

Hope 93’ is lost

In the cesspit of betrayal,

Terror and power lust


Now, how do we remember that day Twelfth June?

In nostalgia, it was about courage, unity and honour

But in soreness, it’s never a day to remember

Cos’ the cause it stood for now chimes a strange tune.


Valentine O. Ogunaka

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