Jonathan’s Men After Our Lives For Endorsing Buhari, Northern Christian Leaders Allege

Christians from Northern part of Nigeria under the aegis of Northern Christian Leaders Eagle Eyes Forum (NCLEEF) have raised the alarm, accusing President Jonathan’s agents of threatening their lives following their recent endorsement of the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari.

Addressing the press in Kaduna today, Chairman of the Forum, Pastor Aminchi Habu said President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure in the past six years was a disappointment to Nigerians; particularly Christian community which he claimed gave the President the winning votes in 2011 general elections.

Pastor Habu said it was based on the failure of the Jonathan administration that the Christian Forum decided to dish the President and endorse General Buhari who they believe could rid the country of insecurity and underdevelopment.

According to Pastor Habu “Our decision to endorse Buhari was informed by our patriotic commitment to build a free, fair and a secular society where the inheritance should be justice to all.

“After the endorsement, our members, especially the Chairman of this Forum have continued to receive threatening phone calls and text messages, labeling them a sell-out group who have abandoned a Christian candidate in the person of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“We supported the present government in 2003, 2007 and 2011, however after critical analysis, the Forum decided to endorse General Muhammadu Buhari based on abysmal performance, the security challenges, outrageous corruption in public places, coupled with economic downturn under the Jonathan administration.

“Our enemies accused us of collecting N500 million from General Buhari, this accusation is not only wrong, but a blatant lie from the pit of hell. We charge anybody with concrete evidence of any money collected by anybody on behalf of the Forum to come forward with such evidence.

“The endorsement of Buhari was done publicly, and not secret like our accusers will do, yet segment of corrupt minds are employed to water down the good intention of the Forum which is to build bridges and promote peaceful co-existence without our complex diversity.

“We shall not betray our trust as religious leaders for any monetary consideration. We shall do everything humanly possible within our calling to protect the interest of our image.

“We are therefore calling on the Christians not to be deceived by these religious bigots and shun sentiment by voting the right candidate in the forthcoming general election”.


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