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The  failure of good governance in Nigeria under President Goodluck  Jonathan-led PDP administration  remains the most significant and reliable explanation for unemployment and  insurgency.

The former CBN Governor Prof. Charles Soludo, indicated sometimes ago that  Northern Nigeria under the PDP misrule is worse hit by poverty . He provided   statistics  which  indicated that people living below poverty line  in the three geopolitical zones  of Northern Nigeria during the  years of PDP  governance misrule were  as follows:

North- Eastern Zone  72.2 %;
North – West  Zone  71.1%;
North-Central Zone 67.0%.

Aljazeera also collaborated the above picture during the early stages  of  Boko Haram crisis when an in-depth  analysis about Nigeria as the 5th largest producer of oil in the world was conducted. They came up with the findings that the bulk of Nigeria’s vast population, live below the poverty line of 1$ a day. Consequently, the teeming population of unemployed youth, generated under the misrule of the PDP government, especially in the urban centers ,take full advantage of  opportunity provided by sectarian crisis to wreck havoc on the economic institutions of the state.

With the youth constituting 70% of the population, and  over 60% of them lacking  jobs and better opportunity, a clear nexus therefore  exists between the PDP government mass youth  poverty in the land on one hand and frustration-fueled violence on the other.

A visiting US Secretary of Sate, Hilary Clinton, had  warned that ‘’The most immediate source of disconnect between Nigeria’s wealth and its poverty is failure of governance at the Federal, State, and local government levels. Lack of  transparency and accountability has eroded the legitimacy of government and contributed to the rise of groups that embrace violence and reject the authority of the state .This warning by The US Secretary of State was never considered nor  accepted by the PDP led government.

Reverend Father Kukah postulated same when he stated “Evil effects of bad governance, corruption, total lack of security and welfare, have all become part of our daily lives. Clearly in the eyes of the sect members, the persistence of corruption, collapse of public morality, injustice and so on, could only be attributed to those who govern. In their reasoning, those who govern us do so because they have acquired their tools by gaining western education.

 “In fact, nearly every country facing an extremist insurgency, from Nigeria to Afghanistan to the Philippines, is run by a kleptocratic clique. And almost every popular revolt aimed at toppling a government in recent years, from the Arab uprisings to Ukraine’s revolution, began as a protest against acute corruption.” – Sarah Chayes”

According to Geoffrey York of the Globe and Mail from far away Johannesburg, the widespread poverty in northern Nigeria, largely excluded from the country’s oil wealth, occasioned by gross corruption, is a key reason for the social unrest that fuels the growing strength of Boko Haram, the radical Islamist group.

But Geoffrey York is not alone in this line of thinking. At the home front, Salihu Isa Nataro former National Democratic Party, NDP, gubernatorial candidate in Kebbi State in 2007 and now of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in an interview with the National Mirror opined that Boko Haram has festered due to corruption and inhuman treatment of the people by the leaders. 

Just recently some British citizens  were reported to have been arrested for their involvement in the unwholesome bribe for sale of decommissioned Naval vessels by Tompolo. Where on earth does one ask a rat to guide the crayfish! This can only happen under the Jonathan-led corrupt PDP government where the statutory function of our glorious Navy are taken away from them and given to a notorious former militant.

Olisa Metu’s  Jonathan-led PDP is certainly afraid of the towering emergence of  an icon of integrity, the amiable nationwide crowd-pulling APC Presidential flag bearer, General Buhari  in the  current political firmament of Nigeria.

The Fani Kayode’s of this world who fundamentally are lacking in character but are threatening to make GMB’S character an issue will only end up mocking themselves by the time he is unveiled to Nigerians who may not know him.  Former  PDP Minister of Information, Labaran Maku  recently  describe PDP with such adjectives that revealed the mind set of PDP and its corrupt leadership.

Only time will offer the insight as to  what the likes of Doyin Okupe, Ruben Abati and the Jonathan twitter  specialist, Pastor Reno Omokri  have to say  about PDP shortly.

The perception of PDP locally and globally is one that is inept , corrupt, clueless and overtly kleptocratic . Our electorate  should  vote them  out of power massively for Nigerians to regain her pride of place among  the comity of nations. Once the opposition  parties in Nigeria agreed to  come together, they were  duty bound to SECURE AND PROSPER THIS  NATION  by   sweeping  away the clueless and inept People Destroying Party (PDP) out of office.  It happened in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Ivory Coast even in Sri Lanka recently.

It is quite clear why the PDP government is baring their fangs of impunity more frequently these days. These are obvious signs  that PDP is undergoing the final stages of “political rigor mortis”, the final macabre dance of death. PDP will very soon rest in perfect peace as  APC  commences  to salvage Nigeria.


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