Hunger, Root Cause Of Instability Across Globe, Says WFP

The World Food Program, WFP says hunger is not just a byproduct of war, but the main cause of instability in many countries.

The WFP United States Director Of Public Policy and Research, Dr. Chase Sova, highlighted this in a comprehensive review of a new report from World Food Program USA that confirmed food insecurity as being linked to at least nine separate types of instability, ranging from protest to interstate conflict, with terrorism and civil war .

He said that more people were currently displaced from their homes because of violence, conflict and persecution than any other time since the World War II.

According to him, one of the consequences was an increase in the number of hungry people on the planet for the first time in over a decade.

“When we think of food-related instability, food riots very often come to mind. Food riots have played a role in the French Revolution and have been captured in headlines worldwide for generations – pasta riots in Italy, tortilla riots in Mexico, bread riots in the Middle East. Americans spend only 10 percent of their income on food, while citizens in the world’s poorest countries spend closer to 60 percent. Global food price spikes can have major effects on political stability in these settings” Dr.Sova said.

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