How Governor Ambode Lost The Battle But Not The War In Lagos State, By Adebayo Samuel

Lagos state Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, lost the battle at the All Progressives Congress (APC) party primaries conducted few months back. Ambode was said to have fallen out of favor with some bigwigs in APC including the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) and the National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whom many believed is the reason Ambode is currently the Governor of the state.

According to several reports and publications, Ambode had stepped on so many toes of Lagos stakeholders. Report has it that he abandoned many projects initiated by his predecessor, Babatunde Fahola, and had also deviated from the state’s blueprint.

For example the Lagos compulsory monthly environmental sanitation to ensure a clean and safe state for her habitats was abandoned by Ambode. This was confirmed when Tinubu told journalists that Ambode had derailed from the Lagos state blueprint and master plan with no good reasons.

As the primary election drew near, it was obvious Ambode was going to lose the battle as he convened a world press conference where he made several allegations on how the security of the state is being compromised to ensure he loses out and also claimed the preferred candidates, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu, was not fit to govern the state as he had at a time been admitted at Gbagada Hospital in Lagos, and arrested abroad for allegedly spending fake dollar at a club.

These outburst and allegations reinforced the widespread speculations that Ambode had indeed accepted his fate. Results and pictures from the primaries revealed Ambode completely lose out to Sanwo-olu with a wide margin.

What amazed political observers was the way Ambode conceded defeat and congratulated his opponent Sanwo-olu. He aftermath of the defeat, promised to work with him to ensure his victory at the 2019 gubernatorial polls. This gesture, many believed had nestled the heart of the aggrieved party leaders and may as well retain Ambode in their good book for a possible consideration for future party engagement. To confirm his loyalty to the party and in total acceptance of his defeat, Ambode was seen side by side  Sanwo-olu at the APC National convention held in Abuja with smiles all around them.

The battle may have been lost by Ambode but he surely didn’t loose the war. As we approached the 2019 election we all hope the perceived love and unity between the Ambode’s and Sanwo-olu‘s camp yield a positive result and the state is retained as APC led state.


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