How Buhari Failed, Fighting Boko Haram: Facts And Figures, By @JeSuisNaija

Are Nigerians less safer today from deadly insurgency than they were before change of government in 2015? Let’s find out by reviewing key findings of unbiased global reports, which includes Global Terrorism Index (GTI).

References shall include but not limited to:
1. CSIS|Patterns in Global Terrorism:1970-2016
2. Sixth Report on Violence (2016),
3. Global Terrorism Index (2012 – 2017) 4. Amnesty Int’l (1999 – 2017)
5. Open Doors (2016)
6. UN – Counter Terrorism Implementation Taskforce (2018)

Asides violence history of herdsmen referred to as Fulani Militants that has spanned more than two decades, advent of Boko haram which peaked in 2014 in Nigeria introduced grievous dimensions to insurgency, as explicitly documented by Global Terrorism Index, Sydney, Australia.

While Global Terrorism Index (GTI) of 2012 – 2014 share close similarities in trends and distribution of violent occurrence in Nigeria, there’s a remarkable difference in 2016, as published in 2017. Pitching the 2016 reports against that of 2014 is damning illustrative.

Globally, terrorists’ activities increased by 80percent in 2014 to its highest recorded level. The largest ever year-on-year. Five countries, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria accounted for 78percent of the entire global attacks. Nigeria ranked number 2.

Boko haram overtaking ISIL in 2014 to become the most deadly terrorist group in the world, accounted for terrorism deaths increase by 314% in Nigeria, representing 6,644 lives. ISIL was responsible for 6,073. Buhari wasn’t Nigeria’s President in 2014.

Iraq and Nigeria accounted for 53percent of world-wide deaths in 2014, with Nigeria having an unprecedented singular highest global increase. Let’s clap for Jonathan, ki e de fun PDP ni atewo.

Nigeria experienced the biggest yearly deterioration in terrorism combat in 2014. There were 5,662 more people killed from terrorism in 2014 than in 2013. In 2013 Boko haram killed only 1,595. This was d year of Banex Plaza bombing in Abuja. See https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-28019433

Similarly, Fulani militants (killer herdsmen) killed 1,229 people in 2014, as against the 63 it killed in 2013. Pastors who use the pulpit to bear false witness that Buhari started Fulani Herdsmen as an Islamic agenda to wipe out Christianity needs to beg God for forgiveness.

According to GTI, 2015 figures of insurgent attacks in Nigeria showed transitional moderate decline. Sixth Report on Violence (2016) also showed the monthly statistics trend for 2015:
January – 1,926
February – 2,561
March – 1,674
July – 1,978
December – 1,326

2017 GTI results showed death caused by terrorism dropped by 13% between 2015 & 2016. Nigeria, which recorded highest global increase in 2014 has the highest global decrease in 2016 with 3,100 fewer people killed compared to 2015, representing 80% reduction.

Most international terrorism reports converged concurrently with 2017 GTI Results on Nigeria and it’s @HQNigerianArmy and @NigAirForce
efforts that, “Nigeria recorded its second consecutive year of reduction with 63% drop to 1,832 deaths from 7,512 killed in 2014” under PDP.

The success of @AsoRock were painted in glowing colours for 2016 stating: “Nigeria saw the biggest decrease in deaths from terrorism in 2016. Deaths dropped by 63% from 4,940 in 2015 to 1,832. This is a further decline from the peak in 2014 when over 7,512 people were killed.

Many international reputable sources stated Boko haram killed over 12,000 people in Nigeria through coordinated attacks between 2013 and 2015. However, the figure dropped steeply to 762 deaths in 2016. This significant decrease coincided with successful @AsoRock actions.

Fellow Nigerians, the rude shocker and most beautiful part of my findings is @MBuhari Military Spending for 2016, when it achieved global most significant reduction of terrorism, is lesser than d spending in 2014 when Nigeria broke world record with d highest terrorism deaths.

So basically, the more PDP increased Nigeria’s military spendings, the more Boko haram killed more people and was planting its flag in new territories within sovereign Nigeria. It was apparent where the money went. It was also apparent nobody was fighting Boko haram. Shame!!

If you are still in doubt why there’s so much poverty today, look at Defence Expenditure Percent of GDP from 2008 – 2014, and 2016 when the military achieved a lot:
2008 – 14.38
2009 – 15.47
2010 – 16.66
2011 – 17.36
2012 – 14.06
2013 – 13.38
2014 – 12.61
2015 – 11.11
2016 – 9.99

Apart from weapons contract $500Million awarded to Arthur Eze and Tompolo’s Warships supply to NIMASA, international media was awash with how SEI signed up for Nigeria six Mi-24 & Mi-35 helicopters from Dolarian for $25m each, which normal value was $5m each as stated in a court.

Some of us are asking why Buhari is doing things close to election period. The government started its first year 2015/2016 immediately curtailing Boko haram. It entered its second phase 2016/2017 battling recession. This 2018. When is he supposed to start #TraderMoni Eyin abunu?

In our recent past as a people, there was a president that hides inside Aso Rock on October 1 independence day, out of fear for Boko haram. My heart leapt when i saw the @NigAirForce air display on October 1, 2018 which i saw last as a child.

As @MBuhari is fighting Boko haram, he is building military infrastructure to a state of pride. @NigAirForce announced in June this year that @MBuhari has bought 18 aircrafts for it between 2015-2018, just 3yrs! But all some of you know is to open mouth like “na my dog kill aam.”

How is @MBuhari doing almost 35% less military spending than previous govts and he’s achieving better results? @HQNigerianArmy stated unknowingly to us, d Army is manufacturing the weapons its using in the N-East locally. @NigAirForce is also reviving its old aircrafts same way.

On herdsmen @NigAirForce is opening Quick Response Wing across middle belt, asides @HQNigerianArmy FOBs. Yet @MBuhari is bailing out states for salaries. He’s paying pension. He’s building Fx reserves, roads, rails. If we miss it in 2019, our children will meet d suffering. Bye!



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