How 2face Idibia Made His First N10,000 [Plus Video]

He now charges millions, he now controls huge investments and can boast mouthwatering endorsement deals but did you know that 2face’s first professional earning was a sum of N10,000?

This is absolutely a fact as the Hypertek boss who celebrates his 40th birthday in a couple of days recently disclosed to NET that the first amount he earned with Plantashun Boiz was 10k.

It should however be noted that the 10k was for the entire group which includes Blackface and Faze. So technically, 2face must have gotten a little above N3,000 as his first professional fee.

The money was earned at the Rothmans Groove in 1998 and thankfully, Plantashun Boiz performed at 31 shows at 10k per gig.

They money they got paid according to 2face was invested into the production of their album as well as the acquisition of cloths to fit into their new status as the emerging Boys 2 Men of the Nigerian music industry.

As a responsible son that he was, he also took a share home to his surprised parents Unfortunately, the money couldn’t buy a car, as lamented by the Jos born music star.

Watch how 2face made the revelation in a this hilarious tell it all moment……


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