Harnessing the Potentials of Youths Towards the Victory Of APC at the 2015 Presidential Election By Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola

Security of Citizens lives and properties is a foremost and fundamental responsibility of governments globally, but ours in this Country is an exemption as a result of the failure of the Federal Government of Nigeria to guarantee productive safety of Nigerians as the masses are unsafe all over the Country as a result of sectarian crises in the Northern Nigeria while kidnapping, brigandage and armed robbery prevails in the North.

It is calamitous to note the untimely deaths of an average of 200 Nigerians daily due to high level of violence that has enveloped the Country in palpable disintegration cum motor accidents caused majorly by poor road network and lack of purposeful agencies regulating automobile usage. The alarming rate of Youth unemployment has resulted to high level of poverty which in reality is reducing an average Nigerian Youth to a beggar, street urchin or criminal. The living condition of most citizens of this Country is very worrisome, yet the Federal Government has not shown the good will to advance the cause of the helpless masses.

Due to the system of Government in Nigeria, the power of governance is concentrated at the Federal which directly places the progress and inadequacies of governance on the shoulder of the Federal Government as the State Governments depends on the FGN for monthly allocations to run the affairs of STATE while Local Governments are in shambles. The Federal Government controls all the security agencies, determines the policies on Governance, Petrol Market, Education, Health, Agriculture, Importation, Exportation and Foreign Exchange.

In a normal democratic setting with true Federalism, the State Governments as a close organ to the Grassroots ought to exercise full independence in resource control, generated revenues, security operations and provision of the needs of the people base on peculiarities of their communities but the obvious reality of the Nation is the crippling of the Local Government Administration by the Federal Government at the expense of the masses.

In real essence, the Federal Government is the drive of our nation and responsible for the woes of our society especially since the commencement of this current political dispensation in 1999. Prior to the attainment of our hard gotten civil rule from the grip of the Military Juntas in 1999, majority of Nigerians thought genuine democratic ethos would prevail over servitude in the nation but the Federal Government of Nigeria dominated by the members of the ruling party has failed woefully in all spheres of governance.

There is no gain saying the Country is on the verge of becoming a banana republic where violence is free for all if a system change is not attained soonest in the nation. As a result of the inept leadership showcased by the Peoples Democratic Party led Federal Government since 1999 which has reached its climax with the reign of President Goodluck Jonathan in the last five years. The country is certainly on the verge of collapse as the center seems no longer holding as sinister groups in forms of militia, sect and self-determination seems to be holding the Federal Government to ransom with President Jonathan not coming out of his shackles to address the poor state of our nation.

It is a known fact that the PDP led administration has gained good grounds in the sustenance of corrupt practices, deprivation of citizens’ rights and deepened the chasm between the masses and the political leaders. In fact, President Jonathan has shown worst performance in office aided by unscrupulous aides and collaborators at the National Assembly.

Nigeria masses deserve the best from the Federal Government and it is crystal clear that the Peoples Democratic Party lacks both the good will and conscience to solve the palpable problems confronting the general masses. The only solution out of the present doldrums imposed on the nation by President GoodLuck Jonathan and cronies is a system change which can only be derived from the opposition party in Nigeria.

With the abysmal failure of the PDP, APC has shown the good conscience to solve Nigeria problems in all the facets of governance as contained in the manifesto of the ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS presented to the general public recently to showcase the sound understanding of the needs of the society at large and the expertise to deliver the dividends of Democracy to all Nigerians irrespective of race, tribe, religion or status.

In spite of the progressive tendencies and sound performance visibly seen in the APC controlled States which is a great indication of the determination of APC to govern the people productively and clear manifestation of the capabilities of personalities in APC to advance the cause of the people, it is sacrosanct to caution the party stalwarts on the lack of trust in the youths and new generation leaders as clearly shown in the scheming and outcome of the National Convention.

The National Youth Policy defines Youths as people aged 18 to 35 years but Political Parties tactically extended the limit to 40 years. The current trend of Youth 2 Youth Initiatives among Nigeria Youths was violated by the emergence of a Youth Leader who is clearly above 40 years of age, which is seen by the Youths as a serious affront and clearly endangers the quest of APC to wrestle power from the grip of PDP at the Federal Level. Although, a group containing reputable and vibrant Youth Leaders loyal to the cause of APC known as APC New Generation Initiatives led by Mallam Balarabe Rufai as the National Coordinator already doused the tension by staking their integrities to repose the confidence of the party in Nigeria Youths and also liasing with the National Youth Leader on the constitution of National Youth Mobilization Committee comprising of dedicated Youth and Student Leaders to enhance efficient mobilization of Youths to add value to the efforts of all the structures and organs of the Party in harnessing the potentials of Youths towards the victory of APC at the Presidential Election, but the Party Leaders must prioritize the general interest of Youths and include them in Party Administration.

However, a core advocacy of the APC New Generation Initiative is the call enjoining the National Executive Committee of APC led by highly reputable Chief John Oyegun and other well-meaning National Leaders of the party to consider the younger generations in the quest for the Presidential Flag bearer of the Party for the 2015 general elections. Many young Nigerians already subscribes to the emergence of a Presidential Candidate with sound credentials, viable experience and positive exposure, good conscience and capacity to serve the people optimally and drive the nation forward among the New Generation Leaders in the likes of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Dr Sam Nda Isaiah, Governors Rotimi Amaechi, Babatunde Fashola, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Rochas Okorocha.

It is incumbent on APC Leaders to dissect the credentials of these New Generation Leaders in the quest for the best Presidential Candidate/running mate and advance beyond recycling. It is a known fact that General Muhammad Buhari and Alh Atiku Abubakar possess a fair record in public service but the odds created by the machinations of PDP against them undermines their acceptability by the general masses and the alternative of the New Generation Leaders is a good omen for APC to emerge victorious at the Presidential Poll in 2015 if properly packaged and well executed with sincerity of purpose.

Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola

National Coordinator,

Mass Action for Good Governance and Grassroots Development in Nigeria.

nycnpro@gmail.com 08032813279


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