Guber Election: Osun Speaker Insists On Osun West Agenda 

The Speaker of Osun State House Of Assembly, Dr. Najeem Salaam, has reemphasied his long held opinion that Osun West Senatorial District should produce the next Governor of the State.

Speaking to reporters in Lagos on Saturday, the Ejigbo-born political leader and a leading aspirant in the upcoming gubernatorial elections, insisted that the zone must be allowed to stake its claim on the position in the spirit of fairness.

“The people of Osun West have always demonstrated deep maturity and patience in the political history of the State,” he said. “Despite having eminently qualified people to lead the State of Osun, we have always towed the line of sacrifice for the greater good and bid our time.

“For the avoidance of doubt, 2018 is the time of the people of Osun West and I, as a proud son of Ejigbo, will never betray that stance. Our resolve to take what we – along with the majority of Osun electorates – believe is our right remains unshaken.

“Any rumour or story to the contrary should be seen as lies from the deepest part of hell. On Osun West Agenda we stand!”

As the race to the elections heats up, there have been agitations by several political interest groups that the position of the next Osun State Governor be ceded to the Osun West Senatorial Zone. This is because the zone has only produced the governor once, who was in office for barely 22 months. The two other zones have led the state for a minimum of 8 years.

As the Speaker of the House for close to 8 years and one of leading contenders in the race, there are rumours that Dr. Najeem is facing serious pressure to step down for another aspirant within the ruling All Progressives Congress.  When asked if this was the truth, the Speaker said, “That’s to be expected. As politicans, we are under pressure daily to take far-reaching decisions but it is left to the individual to know which decisions he can live with and those that go against his principles.”

“Although, I am yet to make a formal declaration to seek the highest office in the State of Osun, it is clear that some people are threatened by our chances and have been spreading the very malicious stories. I want to plead with our supporters to keep the faith and hold the fort. Our agitation is righteous and we will not be afraid.”

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