Group Condemns Masquerades Attack On Mosque, Worshippers In Ekiti

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has condemned the attack by masquerades on Muslim faithfuls inside the Central Mosque in Ikun Ekiti, Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti state.

The incident which occured on Tuesday May 30th left several worshipers injured and some hospitalized.

More so, two cars were reportedly damaged while the mosque also suffered part damage.

Narrating the incident, MURIC, in a statement signed by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola said that the incident occurred around 7 pm in the evening when the Muslims had just broken their fast and were observing the Maghrib prayer.

This attack cannot be isolated from the hostile and belligerent attitude of the governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, towards Muslims in the state as well as their mosques. We are inclined to declare that the masquerades who attacked Muslims inside their mosques in Ikun Ekiti took the cue from the governor’s open hostility towards Ekiti Muslims and his determination to destroy mosques in the state.

“It is already clear that Fayose has declared Muslims in the state as persona non grata and their mosques legitimate targets for destruction.

“The fact that the Muslims were attacked inside their mosque is quite instructive. The masqueraders alleged that they had warned the Muslims not to pray during their Egungun festival. They claimed that the adhan (Muslim call to prayer) that was called provoked them.
‘This is nauseating. When did the Muslims’ adhan turn into a weapon of mass destruction? Who did the adhan injure? How can the prayers being offered by Muslims inside their own mosque become pernicious to the masquerades who were passing by? The worship of one faithful should not deter another from his own worship,” the statement reads.
The group urged relevant authorities to clip the wings of traditional worshippers saying “They arrogate illegitimate powers to themselves by unilaterally declaring curfews for the purpose of rituals.”
It also rebuked the police of ignoring the breach of the law perpetuated by the traditionalists and allowing them to unleash reign of terror on law-abiding citizens.
He however urged the police to with immediate action, arrest the masquerades who attacked Muslims inside the mosque in Ikun Ekiti.
“The police must arrested and prosecute the masquerades for breaking and entering, willful damage, thuggery, hooliganism, attempted murder and breach of the peace. The Nigerian Police must nip illegal curfews in the bud by making a strong statement banning unauthorised curfew anywhere in Nigeria,” the statement reads.
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