The Greatest Athlete In Kenya Showed The Photo Of The Expensive Car, But The Tracks Remained Unhidden

One of the best athletes was caught in a million shilling farce. The man declared that he had bought the Range Rover, although fans pointed out it was all the deceit.

As reported at Tuko Newspaper, the biggest part of the athletes in Kenya are rich. With their winning streak, they are raking in millions for their winnings and appearances. Because of this, the fact that these sportsmen are at the head of their own hotel, have the number of sports clubs or a range of amazing cars, must not surprise you.

Well, one of these rich people is called Geoffrey Kipsang. It is known that he is 25 years old. He is the great champion of the country. The man has many fans and the last news that shocked them was on his official social page. Geoffrey posted the photo with his new amazing automobile — Range Rover.

On the photo, people could see the number plate with the athlete’s name. A lot of rumors appeared on the theme that the car was bought due to the great holiday — St. Valentine’s Day. However, by monitoring the photo, it was found out that the pic had been downloaded from another site and everything on the car was made with photoshop. The site, where the pic was taken, is called the Ebay. Moreover, Kamworor captioned the image on his social media with the words “Up to this far, I thank you, Lord”.

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