Gov Gaidam Offers Automatic Employment To 38 Yobe Graduating Students In Sudan

Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, who is currently on a visit to the Republic of Sudan, has offered automatic employment to 38 students who will be graduating from various Sudanese universities later in 2018.

Records show that of the 38 graduating students, up to 27 will earn medical degrees, while the rest will graduate from various specialities including nursing, dentistry, business administration, and communication, amongst others.

The governor made the offer today while addressing a cross-section of Yobe students, who honoured him in a surprisingly colourful ceremony at the International University of Africa in Khartoum.

H.E Gov. Gaidam spoke on the effort of his administration in education and other sectors, saying thousands of Yobe students are currently being sponsored by the administration for graduate and post-graduate degrees in various universities within and outside Nigeria.

The governor noted with satisfaction that Yobe students in Sudan have remained law-abiding in their host country and have continued to pursue their academic careers with vigour.

“It is heart-warming that all of you who study here in Sudan have remained law-abiding and have not been found to be engaging in any illegal or criminal acts. I urge you to continue to tread this path. I urge you to continue to take your studies seriously and to do your parents and our state proud”, he said.

The governor said all the students who are graduating this year – 38 of them in total – will be given automatic employment by the state government as soon as they graduate and have received their certificates.

He also asked the Head of Service, Alhaji Saleh Abubakar who was present at the event, to coordinate and implement the recruitment of the graduating students.

President of the Yobe Students’ Association in Sudan (YOSSAS) Idris Muhammad Saleh thanked the governor for being not just the leader of their state but a father, saying all of them are hugely proud of the work that the governor is doing moving the state forward.

The president also thanked the governor for the 200 US Dollars that he generously provided to each of the 240 students of the association during his visit.

The Nigerian ambassador to Sudan, H.E Musa Saban Mamman and other senior Nigerian diplomatic staff, as well as the President and Vice-Chancellor of El-Razi University, Prof. Ahmad Osman Rizig, were among dignitaries present at the reception organised for the governor by the association of Yobe students in Sudan.

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