Gov Almakura, SA on Student Matters and Diversion of Nigerian Student’s Attention in Nasarawa State.

tanko_nasarawa“Amilcar Cabral warned revolutionaries of the dangers of telling lies and claiming easy victories, even before the final battles are won”.

The Concerned Former Student’s Leaders in Nasarawa State have watched events on Facebook and twitter on the semi-political, controversial and polarization of the Nasarawa State Student’s Association (NASSA) National body by Kasim Muhammad and his cohorts, the underperform SA on Students matters to the Governor of Nasarawa State after a publication made on an online news  tittled STUDENT LEADERS PASS A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE ON KASIM MUHAMMAD, SA ON STUDENT MATTERS TO THE GOVERNOR OF NASARAWA STATE with alarm and utmost dismay. Thanks to abusidiqu.com, royaltimes.net, 247nigerianewsupdate.com and others.

We have watched particularly, the baseless and senseless comments raised by them instead of a complete rejoinder to defend our facts labeled against them, with keen interest, patience and critical observation from Kasim’s and his co- traveler that want to be noticed by all means in Nasarawa State.

It is based on the aforementioned that we as the Concerned Former Students Leaders must register our disappointment and protest on the divide and rule strategies by the ‘KASIM’S’ recently on social media.

It is also disheartening that Instead of them to be responding appropriately to the message that we have raised to the Government and good people of Nasarawa State under the leadership of Alhaji Umar Tanko Almakura they have been busing chasing the Messenger called Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah.

Their comments which I posted on my Facebook wall are a sad commentary on the state of our tertiary education. Reading their grammatically-challenged comments, Kasim Muhammad and his co-traveler brimmed with such ignorance and stupidity that left me utterly bewildered.

Much as I have sympathy for them, I am gravely worried about the future of a nation that consciously mis-educated his generation. This piece is not a sadistic analysis of Kasim Mummad’s and his co-traveler education nor is it one that seeks to make a caricature of them. Whilst I empathize with them, I enjoin them to be humble to admit their stupidity and ignorance.

Therefore, I find it historical important to scrutinize Kasim Muhammad’s
claims and to expose them for what they are: falsehoods.

Falsehood 1: ‘’ After few months of my appointment as the SA on Student matters to the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State, Alhaji Umar Tanko Almakura  I have proven to the Nigerian students by the provision of Scholarship form and subsequent payment by the State Government and my readiness to protect and support them at all times”.

Fact: Senseless. It is on records that on the 11th of October, 2012 when Comrade Kolade Olaoluwa from Ahmadu Bello Unversity Zaria  was the Senate President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Then I happened to be his SSA on Media and Publicity where we organized a joint press conference with Joint Campus Committee of the National Association Nigerian Students (NANS), Nasarawa State Chapter under the leadership of Comrade Ibrahim Audu from Nasarawa State Polytechnic Lafia, where we demanded for the  followings:

1. The appointment  of the past Students leader as the Special Assistant to the Governor on Student matters.

2. Refund of the N2500 for the scholarship form purchased by Nigerian Students from the previous Government and commencement for the sale of Scholarship form.

3. Removal of Abubakar Hussaini and Hamza Elayo, the then Commissioner of Education and Secretary to the State Government respectively among other demands.
As such we want to thank Governor Umar Tanko Almakura for the provision of some part of our demands which Kasim Muhammad is enjoying today.

Falsehood 2: “Someone that is meant to be great will be, no matter how, because ” A champion bull starts from birth.”

Fact 2: Prime Abubakar, one of Kasim Muhammad Facebook friend’s posted the following comment to Kasim Muhammad Facebook wall: “Champions are known by the number of accolade or medals of victory and not by the number of failures.

Allow your constituent to blow your trumpet that’s if you deserve one.

Address the allegations raised against you for posterity sake.
The following questions are begging for answers.

1. How true is it, that you polarize the Students Association in Nasarawa State?

2. Do you do men instead of women?

3.  That you failed to visits the families of our fallen comrades during the crisis in Nasarawa State University?

3. How true is it that you were issued a certificate of attendance from Nasarawa State University which prompted you to start afresh in the University of Ghana claiming that you were running a post graduate programme in Ghana?

Please, prove Ibrahim  Kabiru Dallah wrong by providing answers to the above mentioned issues which he raised as this will restore the lost confidence that his publication as caused.

Thank you as we await your Defence.

It is unfortunate that up till date, the SA has failed or rather does not deem it expedient enough to defend the facts against him; instead he is busy ranting like a rat on Facebook. Only reaffirms that a “failed bull starts from birth”. Little wonder why he was running around like stray dog looking for who to devour that prompted his few foot soldiers who are beneficiaries of the acclaimed care taker committee (CTC) regime system to comments on my Facebook wall.

For the purpose of clarification and intellectual clear headedness, We want to assert that we are fighting this cause for the benefit of the generation yet unborn and not for our own selfish interest base on the facts that we don’t have anything to benefit from NASSA.

We cannot keep quiet while some political opportunist and Almajiris to the Government of Nasarawa State are ruining the future of Nigerian Students and that of our unborn children.

We already know that when you fight corruptions and injustice in Nigeria, corruption fight back.

As someone who has bags Bsc in Quantity Surveying from Ahmadu Bello Univetrsity Zaria, the largest university In the South of Sahara and North of limpopo and who also has a lots of admirers and fans across the country, it won’t Augur well of me to start creating or causing problems in Nasarawa state. Out of desperation to blackmail my person and hard earned integrity, Kasim is now busy misleading the Government that we are agents of PDP in Nasarawa State.

Kasim Muhammad or whatever you call yourself, no amount of cheap blackmails or politically motivated attempts will change the trust and believe the Students and Youth in Nasarawa State have in us.

The right thing should be done with immediate effect in order to avoid the wrath of the legitimate students in Nasarawa State.

To Nasarawa State Students. This is a fight for social justice, a fight against the oppressors and political Almajiris, a fight for your future and that of our unborn generations.

Freedom is not freely given by the oppressors but it must be forcefully demanded by the oppressed- Martin Luther King Jnr.

I remain your feisty, dogged and committed Comrade Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, Students Ambassador/Former Assistant Secretary General, NASSA, For: Concerned Former Student’s Leaders.

Writes from Abuja, Nigeria. 24th November, 2013, @ik_dallah on twitter.

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