Goodbye to the longest six weeks – By @Obajeun

No man rules forever on the throne of time. We have come a long way through tumultuous routes of fears, suppression, anticipation and ad-hoc precipitation of disenchantment. We went through biting cold and stepped along red carpet of intimidation. We have finally arrived at the bulwark of decision, where history has once again, vested in us the power to enable Nigeria to navigate through the icebergs in the sea of our regression, towards sustainable advancement in all facets of our national pride.

In the past six weeks, which was the longest six weeks in the remaking of our national behavior, we have been placed on psychological arrest under the tight grip of abled and empowered militia groups across the country. We have been confronted with fears of court injunctions readily made available through judicial auctions. We have been shut out of reasons to believe that we still exist as a nation. We have been soaked with embarrassing naira rains and dollar erosions. We have been subjected to national disgrace over inter-governmental phone conversation and two weeks after, everyone has suddenly gone mute about it. We witnessed robust fight against the use of face-saving card readers by INEC. We saw how a directionless leader has gone from being clueless to become a smart man in desperate need of safety net. We saw how this same man told the families of people that have suffered hugely from insurgency that he never knew the militia groups were that sophisticated. These six weeks are over and here we are at the threshold of history.

It is a moral sin to keep the baton in the hands of this same team of hawks to steer the affairs of this troubled nation. It is an economic sin to donate a vote to this same man who has no idea of what leadership entails and often set the tone for corruption. It is a political sin to empower this same man who has no political will and understanding of trends. It is genocidal on Nigeria to accord this same man with a vote of honour. It is a criminal offence to vote Jonathan after being caught pant down with treasury depletion.

The statist, centralizing resolution of the current Nigerian crisis could have come about in only two forms; either through a world-historic coup which would completely eliminate the current ruling class, or through some epochal social and political upheaval with an avenging political saviour at the vanguard. The military option has been rendered historical passé by emerging local and global trends. The second option looks like what is possible based on the current configuration of the nation. With its contradictions, Buhari fits well in this class.

In place Jonathan, we have an option in the Daura General. Either we like it or not, APC, the feared amalgamation of political jobbers had thrown up a grandpa of necessity at the most virulent time, a grandpa who had craved to be born in 3 different eras but failed. This is the contradiction of philosophies that had stayed with us from time immemorial. Having worked barefooted with history, we have come to the juncture of decision where we have to make recourse to wisdom. At 72, wisdom now oozes out of Buhari, spreading like wild illumination to lighten up the dark mood of the country. We are in for a big deal.

The General this time is emboldened in wisdom. This is all we need to keep ourselves from crashing through the world like a falling stone. Wisdom is the vessel unto which he poured himself. It gave him shape, structure. It harnessed him. It contained him. His love. His madness. His hope. This is Buhari, whom the world has suddenly come to see as a grandpa of necessity.

In all, we say goodbye to the longest six weeks.


Jonah Ayodele Obajeun blogs @Obajeun.com. Reach him on twitter via @Obajeun.

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