Friday Sermon: Will They Not Use Their Mind, Intellect And Reason To Understand? By Imam Murtadha Gusau

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. He guides His obedient servants to His love and admits the doers of good to His Paradise.

I bear witness that there is no deity save Allah, having no associates. I also bear witness that our Master Muhammad is the Servant of Allah and His Messenger. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his pure blessed family and companions, and all those who follow them sincerely and in righteousness till the Day of Judgment.

Dear brothers and sisters! In Islam, reasoning is considered as one of the great fundamentals in man.

And Islam is the only religion which has elevated the status of the human mind and declared its importance. The human mind is the faculty through which man can be charged with duty and responsibility. It is man’s intellect that makes him acknowledge his Creator, the mysteries of creation, and the Supremacy of his Creator. The Qur’an addresses man’s intellect and urges him to look at the Universe and meditate upon its existence in addition to studying it for the benefit of mankind and to strive to make the earth prosper and thrive. Moreover, there is nothing to indicate that Islam prohibits Muslims to use their sense of judgment or that it is against scientific or academic thought.

It behooves us to state that Islam commands man to use his faculties of thinking and reasoning. Allah the Most High says:
“Say, ‘Travel throughout the earth and see how He brings life into being …’” [Surah Al-Ankabut: 20]

Islam also blames those people who do not employ their intellectual faculties of thinking, reasoning, and meditating, and the Qur’an describes such people thus: “We have created many jinn and people who are destined for Hell, with hearts they do not use for comprehension, with eyes they do not use for sight, with ears they do not use for hearing. They are like cattle, no, even further astray: these are the ones who are entirely heedless.” [Surah Al-A’raf: 179]

Furthermore, the Qur’an considers not using one’s sense and reason a sin, and describes what will happen on the Day of Judgment to those who refused to believe in Allah: 

“They will say, ‘If only we had listened, or reasoned, we would not be with the inhabitants of the blazing Hellfire.” [Surah Al-Mulk: 10]
My respected people! The faith of Islam draws man’s attention to the fact that Allah has made the entire universe subservient to him.

It is consequently his duty to use his powers of intellect for the welfare of all mankind and the fruitfulness of the earth. The following Qur’anic verses confirm this matter: “It was He who brought you into being from the earth and made you inhabit it.” [Surah Hud: 61]

And He the Almighty says: “He has subjected all that is in the heavens and the earth for your benefit, as a gift from Him. There truly are signs in this for those who reflect.” [Surah Al-Jathiyah: 13]

Therefore, the whole universe is a domain where man can exercise his powers of intellect without any prohibition or opposition to his thought provided that it, for the welfare of mankind. Everything that benefits mankind or entails prosperity and wellbeing is encouraged by Islam. 

The Qur’an and the Hadiths of the Prophet are the two sources of the Faith of Islam, and to follow the religious rulings and observances stated in them is compulsory upon every Muslim. However, he is perfectly free to think, meditate, ponder, and study everything in the world in which he lives.

This is what the Prophet referred to when he said:  “You people are better acquainted with the affairs of the world in which you live.”

Freedom of thought and academic or scientific research is guaranteed by Islam, provided that it does not violate the sanctity of faith, beliefs and divine texts such as the Qur’an and the Hadiths of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Any attempt to change, distort, add, omit, or ridicule any of these noble texts is not only forbidden but is also an unforgivable sin. For the rest, everything in the world may be researched, studied, or investigated.

* Reasoning in the Qur’an
Dear servants of Allah! The Qur’anic verses that talk about mind and its derivatives and all related issues are close to one thousand verses in our noble Book. Allah the Almighty says:
“will they not then understand?” [Surah Yasin :68]
“Do they not look.” [Surah Al-Ghashiyah :17]
“Will you not be admonished?” [Surah Al-An’am :80]
* Man is a mind with recognition, a loving heart and a mobile body

Dear brothers and sisters! You all know that man is a mind with recognition, a loving heart and a mobile body, and he should fulfill the mind’s need with knowledge, the heart’s needs with love and the body’s needs with food and drinks, and he who fulfills these needs will excel, and he who fulfills a need while neglecting the others will deviate.

Man is a soul that is his entity, his own addresser, and his own blamer, the soul is the one that believes, disbelieves, sublimes, degrades, loves, hates, thanks, disowns, treats fairly, and pays effort.

Man’s soul is his entity, and it never dies, but tastes death which means death is a separation between man’s soul and the vessel it was in (the body), and this separation is because the divine supply comes to an end which is here the spirit (the divine supply).

To clarify: It is like electricity to a device, so is the soul when separated from the vessel it was in (the body) leading to death.

Don’t forget that this lamp goes dead either by cutting off the electric current or by smashing it while it is still connected to the current which resembles killing. So death is cutting off the supply, while killing is destroying the body so it won’t accept this divine supply and death occurs.

Anyhow, wisdom is to look after your soul as it is eternal, yet the western civilisation unfortunately, taking into account all its accomplishment, looks after the body only.

And those accomplishments are over after death, while Islamic civilisation accomplishments start with birth and never end and they last forever and ever.
There is a delicate truth, Allah the Most High says:
“Would that your Lord put an end to us!” he will say, “Nay, but you shall abide!” [Surah Al-Zukhruf :77]
The human being tastes death.
* Reasoning is a comprehending power fed by knowledge
Honourable brothers and sisters! Allah bestowed man with mind which is a comprehending power and a superior need for knowledge, and unless this need is fulfilled, man descends from his humane level to an unsuitable level.
Unless this superior need is fulfilled, unless man seeks the truth, the secret of his existence, the purpose for his existence, the mission he was burdened with by Allah, and the commandments he was charged with, and unless he asks where from and where to and why and take his time to find the truth, and unless he seeks knowledge, he will descend from his humane level to an unsuitable level.
There are two types of People: a knowledgeable one and a knowledge seeker and there is no good in any other.
And knowledge is better than wealth, for knowledge guards you while you have to guard wealth. Knowledge increases the actions, but wealth gradually decreases as it is spent. Those who amass wealth, though alive, are dead to realities of life, and those who achieve knowledge, will remain alive through their knowledge and wisdom even after their death, though their faces may disappear from the community of living beings, yet their ideas, the knowledge which they had left behind and their memory, will remain in the minds of people.
Remember that there are three kinds of people: one kind is of those learned people, the second is the kind of those who are acquiring the above knowledge and the third is that class of people who are uneducated. They follow every pretender and accept every slogan, they have neither acquired any knowledge nor have they secured any support of firm and rational convictions so my brother be careful that you are one of them.
These are the words of our Master Ali Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him).
Hence, reasoning is a comprehending power and unless you fulfill this need you will descend from a humane level and approach a Bohemian level, thus Allah the Almighty says:
“(They are things) dead, lifeless: nor do they know when they will be raised up.” [Surah Al-Nahl :21]
Also Allah the Most High says:
“They are only like cattle; nay, they are worse astray in Path.” [Surah Al-Furqan :44]
Allah the Most High again says:
“They are as (worthless as hollow) pieces of timber propped up, (unable to stand on their own).” [Surah al-Munafikun :4]
And He says:
“But you cannot make those to hear who are (buried) in graves.” [Surah Fatir :22]
Honourable brothers and sisters! You can’t assure your entity and your human nature unless you seek knowledge.
* The mind is a collection of principles
Dear brothers and sisters! What is the nature of mind? It is a collection of principles.
1. The first principle: causality
The first principle is causality as your mind is unable to comprehend anything without a reason for it, for example if you locked up the door of your house and no one has an extra key for this door, then you traveled after turning off all lights, but when you came back you saw from a distance through the windows the lights are ON in your house, in this case you would be unbelievably worried, and if your wife asked: why are you worried? Well who entered the house?
Because your mind won’t believe that those lights were turned on by themselves, and this mind won’t comprehend something without a reason.
Would your mind believe that a plane of the most developed designs was built up in scrap yard by placing dynamite and exploding it and as a result the plane was built?
Is there one in 2 billion chances that any human who would accept that?
The plane is an outcome of hundred years of expertise and engineers, experts in physics and chemical laws, in astronomy and machines, in motion, in wind resistance, and enormous amounts of money.
Would it be possible that a plane is built out of an explosion in a scrap yard?
That resembles saying that you planted a bomb in a printing press that has ink, letters and paper and you expect an awesome dictionary of 1000 pages, with sorted verbs in red colour, explanation in green colour, and a biography dictionary included, all this as an outcome of that explosion, is that possible?
Therefore mind would never accept anything without a cause that has a cause that has a cause, in sequence till you reach the Creator of causes (that is Allah the Almighty).
The Great Allah is in our minds leading us to Him, who is the Creator of causes? Allah the Almighty would be the answer.
Causality system is based on installing it by Allah in His creatures where the mind uses it to lead you to your Creator gradually, just like asking which is first the chicken or the egg. But who created the first chicken? It is the cause’s Creator (Allah).
His mind won’t comprehend something without a reason.
2. Second principle: purpose
Equally, mind can’t comprehend anything without a purpose, and would ask: why was this thing put here, what is the purpose?
Why the brain is in the skull? It is because the brain is the most dangerous and sensitive system in human being.
Why is there a fluid between the brain and the skull? Because it works as a shock absorbent.
Astronomers built their space ships imitating the brain for protection.
There is a fluid between the capsule where the astronomers are and the body of the ship so when a collision with an air layer occurs it spreads the shock all around the ship’s body.
When a child falls to the ground you can hear the thud of the collision between his head and the ground yet the brain remains intact and that is because of the shock absorbent fluid around the brain as it spreads the shock all around the brain area.
Why is the eye in a bony socket? If not, then anyone who falls to the ground would lose his sight, so the eye is in a fortified fortress. The purpose of putting the eye in a bony socket is to protect it, the purpose of putting the spinal cord in the vertebral column is to protect it, the purpose of putting the red cells generators (the most serious generator in human being) in the bone marrow is to protect it, the purpose of putting the womb (the place of rest, firmly fixed) in the pelvis is to protect it, and the purpose of putting the heart in the chest cage is to protect it.
Therefore thinking should be in the purpose and not in the cause; what is the purpose of putting the heart in the chest cage? If someone was hit severely on the chest, the bones will absorb it keeping the heart in fortified fortress. What is the purpose of sensory nerve’s absence in the hair? Because if they existed then every hair cut would need a hospital and an operation under full anesthesia. What is the purpose of sensory nerve’s existence in teeth? So if a decay reaches the sensory nerve you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night (because of pain) and you ought to go to the dentist and fix the decayed tooth or you will lose it.
If your mind wondered around thinking of purposes: why this joint is bent towards inside? What if it wasn’t a joint, what is the purpose of this joint? So you can eat, and if you didn’t have that joint you would need to lay face down to the ground to eat just like the cat.
Why there are muscles in the bladder? So it will void in a short time or else you would need fifteen minutes or half an hour to void the bladder if not for the contracting muscles. Why do you have a bladder? Because the kidney secrete one drop of urine every twenty seconds and if not for the bladder (where urine accumulate) you would be in need for diapers because the process will last for five hours.
Why does your mind reflect on your own creation? So you will know the greatness of Allah the Almighty.
Why Allah put in the infant’s spleen an amount of iron enough for two years? Because there is no iron in mother’s milk.
So subconsciously you think of the cause and the purpose.
Hence the human mind does not comprehend without reason or purpose.
3. Third principle: harmony
Contradiction is not accepted. Would you believe a man’s existence in Abuja and Lagos simultaneously?
Impossible, as mind rejects contradiction and would never comprehend anything without a reason and a purpose.
Yet the most remarkable thing is that universal laws are based on causality, purpose, and harmony, and unless there was a perfect match between the mind and universal laws, mind would freeze its great mission which is to know Allah the Almighty.
If the universe was without the principle of causality, and something existed suddenly without any reason that might confuse the mind, while on the other hand if the universe was based on principle of causality but the mind wasn’t, then you would say: since the cause is not a necessity for something to exist then this universe would have no creator as if you are asking: which comes first the chicken or the egg, but who created the first chicken? Who is the cause’s creator? It is Allah the Almighty.
Hence, Allah the Almighty, He who created causes, takes you gradually through the principle of causality to His entity, while through the principle of purpose will take you gradually to the objectives you are aiming at in everything around you.
The cow produces ten times of milk more than its calf needs, the question to be is: Whom is this milk for? Allah the Almighty says:
“And cattle He has created for you (men).” [Surah Al-Nahl :5]
If you read on about the topic of the three principles of causality, purpose and harmony, you would realise that reasoning is a means to know Allah, and the remarkable thing is that the perfect match between reasoning and universal laws is the reason behind the high effectiveness of reasoning.
* The mission of mind is limited
But the mind has a limited mission, how is that?
It is like if you have a super market with a very advanced and expensive scale in it geared up with memories, but though it is so advanced yet its mission is limited as it weighs only objects that vary between five grams and five Kilograms, and if you wanted to weigh your car with this scale and you put it on the ground and ran over it you would break it.
Can you say in this case that the scale is no good because it broke?, we would tell you it is your fault as you used it oppositely to what it was made for.
Dear brothers and sisters! When one of us enters the university campus he will realise (with his mind) all its features such as the luxurious nature of the buildings, its lush gardens, marvelous halls with their sound proof walls, luxurious seats, mobile boards, sound amplifiers, and projectors, its dormitories, administration buildings, laboratories, auditoriums, and theatres, but are you able to know who is the dean? Impossible.
Are you able to know what are the bylaws, on which it is determined which student to accept, expel or dismiss? Impossible.
The mind isn’t enough it needs authentic news so we need the mind and we need reporting.
* The three circles of knowledge and their means
The circles of knowledge are of three kinds: the knowledge of tangible nature, the knowledge of intellectual nature, and the knowledge of divine reporting. Read them as follows:
1. Tangible knowledge: obtained by the five senses
The lamp glows while the fan’s sound is audible, and this is a brown colour, while this is carved wood, so the five senses are the only certainty means in the materialistic field or their extensions such as Microscope or Telescope, so every thing of materialistic nature is realised by the five senses, and absolutely there is no disagreement over this field.
2. Intellectual knowledge: obtained by the mind
The certainty means of the intellectual field is the mind which mission is to see a materialistic thing or to see the traces of materialistic thing and judge it without seeing it.
For example if the mind saw foot prints it would say: foot prints are traces of walking, and when it saw a small stream of water it would say: it is a trace of a brook, and if it saw a dung it would say there is a cattle, or if it saw smoke behind a wall it would say: there is no smoke without fire, and this is the mission of the mind as it believes in something when it is given its traces, it is the means to believe in things with veiled entity but obvious traces.
The glowing lamp and the speaker’s sound are traces of electricity, so the mission of the mind is limited to this field. Therefore the certainty means of anything with visible entity and traces like this glass is the five senses, you touch the glass with your hand and feel if it was hot or cold, while you see it with your eyes, and if it has a sound you listen to it with your ears, so the certainty means of the materialistic thing that has a visible entity and trace is the five senses.
But if we saw smoke without fire we would say: the fire entity is invisible while its trace is visible which is smoke but the mind judges and says: there is no smoke without fire.
3. Divine reporting: through revelation
When the entities and the traces of things are invisible the mind would become idle as this is beyond its mission and we call it the metaphysical field, the field of news from the ancient past, after death, and the angels.
Believing in angels and Jinn belongs to metaphysical field.
So again materialistic field is of things with visible entity and trace and is realised by the five senses, while the intellectual field is of things with invisible entity but visible trace and is realised by mind, but whatever has an invisible entity and trace, it is known by authentic news reported to us, and it is that obvious.
If you entered a house and you saw a pitcher or a glass of water, they would belong to the materialistic field.
If you saw a glowing lamp it is a trace of electricity and you would say: there is electricity in this house either from the public net or from a generator, but if you saw a closed closet you would never guess what is inside this closet no matter how much rational or intelligent you might be and if the owner of the house told you: I keep my precious books in this closet then you were told the news by him.
* Wisdom requires putting everything in its proper place
The certainty means of things with visible entity and trace is the five senses, while the certainty mean of things with invisible entity but visible trace is the mind, and the certainty mean of things with invisible entity and trace is the authentic news.
Your cleverness is to put any religious issue in its right place, but when you use your mind in the third field you will get it confused.
A man might say I don’t believe in Allah or bring me an evidence of angel’s existence, well there is none.
If he said I want a scientific evidence of angels, Jinn, or hereafter’s existence, well these are issues that have been reported.
* What is beyond reasoning is reported by Allah
There is a delicate issue, when a Da’iyah (missionary person) debates over metaphysical issues with someone who denies the existence of the religion, in this case he will be in a great confusion as he has no evidence for the mind, so your cleverness is to put any issue in its right place either it was materialistic, intellectual, or metaphysical.
Dear brothers and sisters! We should believe without doubt that no matter how sharp-sighted you are (sometimes you are told by a doctor that your eye’s rate of sharpness is 12 over 10 which means you can read the last row of letters and know all its directions because if you can read the row before last it gives you the rate of 10 over 10). But no matter how sharp sighted you are, it is useless without the light which is between you and the visible objects, so when a blind man sit with a sharp-sighted man in a dark room, both of them become equal.
As the eye is useless without a light that intermediates between it and the visible objects, so is the mind that is useless without a leading revelation, so light to the eye is like revelation to the mind, hence Allah the Most High says:
“For he thought and he plotted; And woe to him! How he plotted! Yes, woe to him! how he plotted! Then he looked round; Then he frowned and he scowled; Then he turned back and was haughty; Then said he: “This is nothing but magic, derived from of old; This is nothing but the word of a mortal! Soon will I cast him into Hellfire! And what will explain to you what Hellfire is? Naught doth it permit to endure, and naught doth it leave alone! Darkening and changing the colour of man! Over it are Nineteen.” [Surah Al-Mudathir :18-30]
The Qur’anic verse means that the human mind will go astray without celestial revelation, and this is exactly what we suffer most about the western civilisation as they use the mind only and for that they are in deep darkness while the Muslims are sleeping in the sun light.
* The justifiable mind and the straightforward mind
We have two kinds of minds, a straightforward mind and a justifying mind. the straightforward mind is the one which leads you to the truth while the justifying mind is the one that is used for what it was not created to do.., how?
To elaborate: imagine you have a very expensive printer that would let you gain lot of money if you used it to design covers, cards, calendars, and diaries, yet if you used it to produce counterfeit money you would end up in jail.
So the same machine could be used in high paid artistic commercial work or could be used in unlawful job then it would be the reason of putting you in prison.
Thus, mind without revelation might be dooming to its owner. Allah the Almighty says:
“We will drag him by the forelock.” [Surah al-Alaq :15]
The forelock is the place where decisions and judgments are made.
“A lying, sinful forelock!.” [Surah al-Alaq :16]
So when man takes the wrong decision his mind is held responsible for it.
To explain: if a person owns a very expensive house and he sold it for foreign currency and he has a device in his pocket to detect the counterfeit money (which shows an orange light for the genuine money and another colour for counterfeit money), but when he sold his house for hard currency he didn’t use this device. This device resembles the mind, now in his other pocket there is a list of the counterfeit money’s numbers and this resembles the Islamic law, so this man neither used his mind nor applied the Islamic law so it took him by surprise that the whole sum was counterfeited and he lost his house because of his own bad judgment.
Hence dear brothers and sisters, a straightforward mind leads you to the good, success, prosperity, belief in Allah, obedience to Allah, to be of service to mankind, and closeness to Allah, whereas the justifying mind is like occupying a country claiming that you are doing so for liberty and democracy, while the facts show the otherwise as you despoiled its fortunes, and killed people without consideration, hence, the justifiable mind is very dangerous, degraded, and disreputable.
This kind of mind covers lust, twisted desires, and degradation, and whenever you sit down with a sinner and you listen to his justification for his actions, you know that he is using his justifying mind, and whenever you meet a wise, pious, and believing man, you know that he is using his straightforward mind.
Therefore righteousness is a circle where four lines intersect: the authentic reporting, straightforward mind, pure instinct, and objective reality.
Dear brothers and sisters! As I said a while ago, when you use your brain opposite to what it was created for, it will be devastating. Allah the Almighty says:
“For he thought and he plotted; And woe to him! How he plotted!” [Surah Al-Mudathir :18-19]
But the mind is inspired by heavenly revelation, and by the instructions of the wise creator.
* Mind is a mean to reach Allah but not to comprehend Him
Mind could be your means to find Allah, yet it is incapable of comprehending Him, Allah the Most High says:
“Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He will.” [Surah Al-Baqarah :255]
It is the same as if you rode a vehicle to take you to the shore yet you can’t sail with it deep in the sea, and as I have just said, anything that your mind is incapable of comprehending was reported by Allah.
As if your mind is a horse that you ride to the front door of the Sultan but when you enter his palace you do that alone without the horse, so with your mind you find Allah but if He ordered you, that order should be carried out by you to the letter.
Another example: When a man tried to find a physician who is highly experienced, sincere, qualified, and with exceptional credentials, so when he found him (by using his mind) he was told not to eat salt, in this case he can’t argue with him because he used his mind to find him and he should carry out his order in accordance to his belief in him as a highly qualified doctor.
* Our lives as well as our minds have a lot of red lines the most important which is:
“Reflect on Allah’s creations not on Allah’s Entity or you will be doomed.” [Al-Jami’ Al-Saghir, narrated by Ibn Abbas]
The mind is incapable of comprehending Allah’s entity as I have just mentioned and the mind is material oriented so Allah’s entity can’t be comprehended by the mind and if someone used his mind to contemplate on Allah’s entity he would be ruined, imbalanced and may be he would go crazy. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:
“Reflect on Allah’s creations not on Allah’s entity or you will be doomed.”
Therefore there are red lines that the mind shouldn’t cross.
Dear brothers and sisters! Being smart does not mean that you tell religion doubters reported issues, because if you did you will be in big trouble as they will not comprehend the meaning of a reported matter which means that their minds are absolutely incapable of looking into it, as to them, it is a mere reported matter.
* Reasoning and Divine reporting
1. Mind’s ability to comprehend is limited
The greatness of Islam is that it is moderate, as it doesn’t cancel the mind like other religions nor does it control it, and it was said: faith ranks above mind, and if religion was controlled by mind as in the western world you would be extremist and if the mind was controlled by the religion you would be Mu’tazilah (school of speculative that proceeded to posit that the injunctions of Allah are accessible to rational thought theology and inquiry) so if you canceled the mind you would be canceling the mean to know Allah, so Islam is moderate.
Honourable brothers and sisters! When we exaggerate about what the mind’s worth then we are making it an absolute mean for knowledge yet a limited one too.
One more time, if we have a delicate and expensive scale geared up with fantastic properties yet its use is limited to weights between five grams and five kilograms where it highly functions, but if you used it beyond its limits it would fail you, it is the same as the mind which is limited.
The mind has to see a material thing and judge it, or see the trace to reach the effecter, and to see the wisdom to reach the wise.
Mind should see foot prints to realise there was someone walking, to see the building to reach the builder, and to see a system to know the organiser, therefore the mind is limited to this mission that is to comprehend something visible in trace yet invisible in entity.
If you entered the university in the time when no classes are taking place, and you looked attentively to the halls, auditoriums, gardens, laboratories, administration, dormitories, location, overview, and public services that evaded all past defects, you will come up with thousands of facts about the university designers and their qualifications and taste of beauty but you will never know who is the dean just from the structure of the university, nor the administration system, passing system, or tuitions as these things need a document.
2. Mind is complemented with the revelation
Mind is complemented with revelation, this means anything that is beyond its comprehension, was told by revelation, so your mind deduces that this universe must have a Creator, and then comes the revelation to say:
“See they not that Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth.” [Surah Al-Ahqaf :33]
Mind can notice delicate facts such as: life is short, shares are different, there are both weak and strong, rich and poor, handsome and ugly, passionate and harsh, tyrant and the tyrannised, bossy and the controlled, exploiter and the used, and life is short and when death occurs everything is over, this is unacceptable by mind as there should be another life to settle injustice so the revelation comes and says:
“Believe in Allah and the Last Day.” [Surah Al-Tawbah :99]
It is mentioned in revelation that there is another life and a day of judgment when injustices are settled:
“Master of the Day of Judgment.” [Surah Al-fatiha :4]
Hence, anything beyond your mind’s comprehension was told by Allah, so the mind integrates with revelation.
3. The relation between mind and revelation
This is a very important matter and again I ask: what is the relation between mind and revelation?
The mind is reality oriented whereas revelation is absolute truth oriented, and I’ve mentioned in a previous sermons, as I remember, that a man who died fifty years ago, would never believe that fifty years later the world will be able to put 7000 books on one disk, as he would never believe that you will be able to communicate with the whole world through a small device (mobile phone), but now all this is acceptable, so the mind is reality oriented while revelation is absolute truth oriented, for that, revelation is the source and the mind is the mean to comprehend it and to authenticate the text.
The relation between mind and reporting is that mind comes before reporting to authenticate the text and after reporting to comprehend it and this is all into it.
4. Mind doesn’t contradict with reporting
Yet, honourable brothers and sisters! Mind can never contradict with reporting for a simple reason that is mind is a balance Allah installed in us, while reporting is either Allah’s words or statements of the infallible Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as they are both two branches of one root so when they conflict with each other it would be because one of them wasn’t proved, so we could have fabricated text that conflicts with the mind which is possible or an unproved scientific theory that could conflict with revelation, but when there is conclusiveness in reporting and mind then they both should be correlative with each other, because they are two branches of one root which is considered as the greatest privilege in this our great religion (Islam).
Our Islam is scientific, and the mind never said no to anything that was brought by this religion, yet it says “no” thousands of times to any earthly religion or sect as time passes by, this is one thing.
* Reflecting on the universe is the shortest way to know Allah
Dear brothers and sisters! I always repeat the following: reflecting on the creation of heavens and earth is the widest gate to approach Allah, and the shortest way to Him, because that puts you face to face with Allah’s greatness, and if I say: “mind” and I might mean intellect, so reflecting on the creation of heavens and earth is the reason to know Allah.
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
This Jumu’ah Khutbah (Friday Sermon) was prepared for delivery today Friday, Jumada Al-Ula 11, 1440 AH (January 18, 2019), by Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, the Chief Imam of Nagazi-Uvete Jumu’ah and the late Alhaji Abdur-Rahman Okene’s Mosques, Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria. He can be reached via: or +2348038289761.

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