Facebook Partners Coollink To Launch Express WiFi In Lagos

According to this report, Facebook is partnering Coollink, a Lagos based Internet Service Provider (ISP), to launch Express WiFi in Lagos.

Express WiFi is a Facebook initiative to bring Internet connectivity to underserved locations around the world.

It does this through partnership with local entrepreneurs to help provide quality Internet access to their neighbours and make a steady income.

Working with local Internet service providers or mobile operators, these entrepreneurs are able to use software provided by Facebook to connect their communities.

Express WiFi in Lagos will enable users surf websites on Free basics for free. However, they’ll have to pay for more browsing activity.

For as little as ?40, they can get up to 100MB daily, or ?1,600 for a 5GB monthly plan for extra surfing on a 10Mbps connection which is shared across all the users.

Other data plans include ?110 for 300MB for 24hrs; ?270 for 750MB for a week, ?700 for 2GB for 7 days, and ?1000 for 3GB for a month.

The service is expected to launch in some parts of Lagos, such as Ikota Shopping Complex, some time this week. Users can sign up for a 14 days free trial and enjoy free Internet for that perios – up to 100MB per day.

Express WiFi was first launched in India. It is part of Facebook’s initiative, which will bring Internet to millions who find it extremely difficult to get it.

Credit: TechLoy


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