Evaluating The Best Choice Ahead Of APC Gubernatorial Primaries In Kwara State, By Sheu Sholagberu

The pains being endured by the downtrodden and average residents facing daily challenges of poor economic activities, insecurity and other social malaise, as a result of selfish leadership that has imposed unquantifiable hardship on the common people in our society, deserves a holistic evaluation, in order to create an enabling environment to rescue the people from the oppressors that have ruled Kwara State ingloriously, with iron fist on peoples’ common wealth in the last fifteen years.

It’s unfathomable to imagine that Kwara State rank lowest in terms of infrastructural development among contemporary States created in 1967, if this generation cannot be held responsible for the sordid past under the last generation, at least this generation should be accountable for the poor governance under their watch.

It’s expected of the change crusaders to raise their heads up and creating a glorious future should be the utmost preoccupation of their minds; focus should be targeted towards creating a remarkable vision for GENUINE SERVICES TO THE MASSES. The people must be determined to achieve a change of orientation amongst the populace, from servitude towards independence, this is achievable only if ranks are closed and harmonisation of genuine interest without blackmailing the choice candidate to fly the ticket of the APC at the governorship election.

At every election circle, it’s been a contest between the opposition against a political cliché led by Dr Bukola Saraki. In 2007, 2011 and 2015, he took advantage of the divisions among the opposing party, he planted informants and hatchet men, to distract the fold and facilitated emergence of candidates he can easily defeat at polls, he won then, but never again.

The ultimate test abound again, instead of harnessing their potentials, commission committees, raise a movement towards effective sensitisation of the electorates and mobilisation of voters to our kitty ahead of the 2019 general election, the opposition have been busy in the expedition to outwit one another in contest where only one person can become the flag bearer. Among those tagged moles, there are innocent personalities who are mere victims of circumstances, among those regarded as independent minded, you will surely find sympathisers of Saraki dynasty, in essence,  focus should be on a candidate that can generate sympathy from the populace and give a good fight for victory at polls against Saraki Candidate.

All the aspirants possess required financial resources, all the aspirants are not alien to Kwara Politics and all the aspirants are eminently qualified to perform as a good Governor if elected, but one aspirant certainly standout, with an exceptional qualification, he command unimaginable loyalty amongst the people. Although, he has been a subject of attack by those who usually engage in subterfuge to create hegemony crisis within the Emirate enclave, but his genuine interest to serve the people of Kwara State will surely vindicate him. Hakeem Oladimeji Lawal possess all the requirements to defeat the main challenger (PDP candidate) for the governorship seat of Kwara State, if thrown into the race and supported by other aspirants on the platform of APC.

The greatest asset at his advantage above other aspirants is premised on the fact that, he is highly marketable due to his family background, working experience and expertise knowledge. His versatility with governance of Kwara State during the reign of his biological father who dedicated his life time to true services as noted during his leadership of Kwara State and his clear understanding of the deficiencies of succeeding administrations till date stand him out.

Note that, this piece is not intended to demarket any other aspirant on the platform of APC, we are only stating the obvious that, a personality that already enjoy good will left by his father can easily be promoted, you can’t build something on nothing, he has a solid foundation we can build upon to aid our victory at poll, except the challengers lack understanding of the orientation of the immediate environment.

All politics is local, Kwara locality has a kind of mentality that place Hakeem Lawal at a vantage position to surmount all hurdles and ease the success of APC at the 2019 general election, it’s all about good will and packaging, with togetherness, the Kwara APC can make an onerous task as simple as Arabic letters, if they weigh the advantage the candidature of Hakeem Lawal gives the party, under the current prevailing circumstances. It’s not strategic to elucidate the strategies to deploy to defeat the kwara PDP with a personality like Hakeem Lawal but a surface insight will be pointed for the thinkers to evaluate.

Firstly, the PDP has resolved for a youthful candidate, in consideration of the waves of the moment, not too young to rule, it’s a joker they must play, if they crave the indulgence of the Youth Constituency, they must be well guided. Secondly, a candidate from Kwara Central can easily be matched with a more rooted candidate with family pedigree and lastly, a candidate with no ill feelings among the electorates is highly sought after and more needed by the people than ever.

It’s not enough to just jostle to be the flag bearer, it’s extremely important to possess the requirements before the voters and all hands must be on deck to ensure mistakes of the past are no longer repeated by those that desire good governance for the good people of Kwara State. Base on aggregate of opinions, the critical stakeholders, already attuned to the exemplary leadership being provided by the National Leader of APC in Kwara State – All Lai Mohammed (Minister for Information and Culture, FRN) and the State Executives under the able leadership of Hon Bashir Bolarinwa, the prompt attention given to grey areas in the conduct of credible gubernatorial primaries are well noted and appreciated.

To other major stakeholders, members of the State, Local Government and Ward Executives, your good works at ensuring credible primaries are highly commendable, but worthy of note is the sacrosanct reality that the only candidate that will not jeopardize the collective interest and can give APC an easy victory at the Governorship Election is Hakeem Lawal, why not face the reality?

The beauty of raw gold are not felt before processing, it’s the duty of the goldsmith to fashion out the beauty through craft. Noble APC stakeholders and delegates at the primaries, you are the goldsmiths that hold the aces, at this critical point where the decisions you make will determine the immediate future of Kwara State, in terms of dividends of good governance to the people of Kwara State. For so long, people have decried the poor governance in Kwara State, severally the opposition has contested against the power brokers and on every occasion they have lost, due to ego, intolerance and selfishness.

Another opportunity beckons, the struggles of the common men should not be in vain again, if truly the opposition to the Saraki inglorious rule have foresight, hence, the opposition should clear their minds of doubts and see the light at the end of the tunnel, with Hakeem Lawal as APC Governorship flagbearer, victory is assured.

Let no man nurse any fear, he has a large heart to accommodate diverse interest and fashion them into proper perspectives and with animosity to none. He is an accountant of great repute, a profession that has sharpened his tendencies for accountability and he is not oblivious of the complexities of Kwara as a cosmopolitan society, as such, he will respect the rights and protect the privileges of all party members and the entire residents of Kwara State.

Let no one give wrong narratives about his personality, he chose to be a quiet person due to his respect for old and young, he knows when to act in the best interest of the oppressed, he is a team player that understand the essence of collective decisions. If you speak but the truth of him, you will promote the honour of APC in Kwara State; together we shall win this time around. “Every generation has a mission to fulfill or betray”

Sheu AbdulKadir Sholagberu


VISION FOR A BETTER SOCIETY (ms.sholagberu@gmail,com

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