Ese Oruru Abduction, The Influence Of Hypocrites And The Story Of Kidnapping By Love – Alhassan Dambatta

Love should have been the subject here, it should have been blamed for kidnapping Ese Oruru, but because of an unresolved acrimony, the south and the north will remain enemies in various subjects of Nigerian state.

Ese Oruru was purportedly abducted by one Yinusa Yellow, a citizen of Kano State and from the little dig i did about this issue, i came to understand that, Yinusa was from Kura Local Government of the state. His sojourn started with hustling for survival and he as many others from both clime found themselves in various environments different from the one they were born, natured and grown to adult hood and Yinusa as no exception found himself in Bayelsa State, he operated tri-cycle in Bayelsa as a means of livelihood, one thing lead to other, both birds courted for love.

Love should have been blamed for the abduction or kidnapping (whatever you want to call it) of Ese Oruru not an innocent boy struggling for survival, it all can happen the way it did, a boy holed in a nest of love, we all can not denied this, but hypocrites always try to have a field day, they now used the issue and turned the Northern Muslims as some untrustworthy people, “they abduct her, named her Aisha and forced her to accept Islam” this is what the hypocrites have been saying, this is their weapon to turn us all into some bad people, or some religious terrorists in the future.

This hypocricy was started by the Punch newspaper, knowing fully well they dont have a reporter in Kano, they featured the story in their news segment, this is with the intention to rubbish the Emir of Kano, his royal highness, Sunusi Lamido Sunusi II, to also batter the image of Kano state, the people of Kano, and that of the honoured emirate council. The surprising aspect of this saga was that, both the Police to the AIG level, the emirate council to the emir’s level , and zakka commission at the level of the state were all involved since 2015 to resolve the lingering issue of Ese Oruru with the love of her life. This why Yinusa cannot be arrested for abduction, this when they all knew that Ese Oruru plundered on her own.

Instructions were passed by the emir to the police since 2015 to reunite Ese Oruru with her family because of shortcoming of age as a precursor to making decisions for herself. The acceptable age limit, world over is 18, hence it is believed and agreed that a child must reach the age of 18 before he or she can be classified as an adult at liberty to decide for himself.
But Ese have already decided and she needs someone he can lay on, as a woman she remains vulnerable to predators who may use her and dump her but Yinusa decided to risk it all, he was ready to leave his well doing life behind and come to Ese rescue. He might have been used, but he has no choice, he believed he is a Nigerian who must help fellow Nigerian, he was ready to risk it all and he did risk it all.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce, the black man in white man clothing was at the stage again, here, he decided to be a human rights activist, by claiming to have called the Emir of Kano to demand the reunification of Ese and her family, what a hypocricy. He further collaborate the news story in the punch newspaper, telling Nigerians that he is a hero, he failed to be a hero during the reign of Jonathan in which the purported abduction took place.

Even though, Ese Oruru have stated clearly in an audio tape, presently trending on you tube, exclusively released by premium times, an online news portal, that she is 17years of age, a Muslim, and would not want to return to Bayelsa state, the hypocrites are at work with the resolve that nothing credible should be allowed to come out of this story, they have resolved to maligned the reputation of the emir of Kano internationally, it seems they have achieved that for now, but the story is not yet over, I foresee a situation that the Aisha part will take over Ese Oruru, if she happens to truly and willingly converted to Islam, he may loose the peace of mind which she now enjoyed through her conversion and that will create a delimma, that will be a great problem, because Aisha will run again, and she may run to far away where the hypocrites will not disturb her new found peace of mind.

Comrade,Alhassan Haruna Danbatta.

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