Enough of Your Deceit, Gov Yuguda By Sabiu Zaranda

yugudaThere is no iota of doubt that power corrupt and make someone forget his humble beginning. The statement made by His Excellency Governor Isa Yuguda about his denial of nurturing ambition to come 2015 and possibility of APC defeating his party PDP is surprising.

Our ancestors said “There is no smoke without fire and for every rumor there is element of truth”. What Yuguda was denying about having intention to replace Vice president Namadi Sambo or to contest for number one seat in Nigeria to come 2015 along side with President Goodluck Jonathan is nothing new in his style of campaign and looking for power.

During the 2003 general election there were some groups in Bauchi that pasted Isa Yuguda’s poster everywhere in the state as their candidate in 2003 election, but He (Yuguda) came out in the media and dissociated himself from them and pledge his loyalty to the then serving Governor of Bauchi state Alh Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu and PDP as he just did to VP Namadi Sambo, President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP. Not long ago after that, He (Yuguda) made himself available to contest the seat he denied having ambition to occupy in 2003, thus decamping from PDP to the then oppositionANPP to actualize him dream and fight seriously with those in the mantle of power in the state and PDP which he claimed to be loyal. What we are seeing now is just a history that wants to repeat itself.

Yuguda’s outburst on the possibility of APC losing or not having the credential to win election in 2015 is nothing but illusion and a search for relevance from the progressive minds. No one among those that are at the corridor of power in Bauchi state or Nigeria believe Yuguda will scale through 2007 election because of the political intrigue that were planted against him just the way the governor sees it now. It was GOD who gives power to whomever He wishes that made the ordinary citizen of Bauchi state stand by him (Yuguda) and then became the governor by their vote. It is not PDP or Obasanjo that give him power. The same thing will happen again neither PDP nor Goodluck will give power but GOD and Nigerian populace who are patiently waiting for 2015 to come and they will play their role to make the likes of Yuguda to wake up from their slumbers because PDP and GEJ are leaving the mantle of power by the grace of GOD in 2015.

The epithet on leadership of opposition party APC, Yuguda’s statement is uncalled for, As no one in the history of Nigerian politics has ever enjoyed the sweetest part of opposition party like Yuguda. I therefore called him to make a u-turn on the allegation he label against them and their intention for Nigeria. No amount of lies or blackmail will work this time around. It will be better if we say no to character assassination and dwell on issues and agendas that the Nigerian populace has been yarning for.

Finally Yuguda should know that we have read from the scripture of our elders where they said “If a man cheats you once shame on him but if He cheats you twice shame on you”

Sabiu Zaranda wrote from Bauchi Nigeria

@Binzaranda on twitter.

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  1. If acheivers are talking I don’t see the likes of Yuguda coming out to for close or to preempt on anything. His performance is the worst in the last 7years of bauchi state. His predecsessor did enviably great even opposition parties couldn’t deny that fact.. But what has Yuguda done? Nothing! I see him as a nonentity in the commity of Nigerian politicians.. He is entitled to his opinion of course… But he can never say a thing on behalf of people of Bauchi State and Nigeria.. Results speaks volumes.. Empty vessels they say…

  2. Keep it up Comrade Zaranda. The time for change is here. It is time for us to use every possible means to oust out every dubious monger and oppotunist politicians. Our people have failed us. They don’t want build themselves, they rather want be a clique of back runners. No more conspiracy come 2015 insha Allah!

  3. Kudos Sabiu Zaranda,its a very good start,keep alive the awareness. Yuguda and team should wake up and face the reality.

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