Dogara Mandates Committees to Promote Potentials of Nigerians In Diaspora

The speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Yakubu Dogara, has stated that the House of Representatives Committees on Diaspora, Foreign Affairs, Sports and Commerce will liaise with Nigerians in diaspora with a view to developing their potentials for the country’s benefit.

The speaker said this when he received a delegation ?of some Nigerian boxers led by the chief executive officer of Nigeria Diaspora Direct Investment Summit, Mr Bimbo Folayan, in his office yesterday.

According to a statement issued his spokesman, Mr Turaki Hassan, the speaker promised the delegation which comprised of two thriving Nigerian Boxers resident in the United Kingdom that the parliament will do all within its powers to promote Nigerians doing well all over the world, even if it entails new legislation.

“I will direct all relevant committees of the House, including Diaspora, Foreign Affairs, Sports, Commerce to work to develop a model to appropriately respond to the situation we are faced with,” he stated, referring to the current situation, in which Nigerians are not supported to develop their potentials for the country.

The speaker further stated that: “Potentials are meant to be developed; If we don’t invest in this potential, we will not be able to get everything we could have achieved from them.”

Earlier, Mr Folayan informed the speaker that the two boxers were welterweight boxing champions based in the United Kingdom who have failed despite several attempts to get ?Nigerian government to support them to reach for higher titles under the Nigerian colours.

He appealed to the speaker to push for relevant agencies of government to help develop the boxers to become world class so that Nigeria will be ranked among countries with ranking boxers and also draw direct investment to Nigeria through sports.

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