Disregard Stories About Ashafa’s Withdrawal…It’s A Sign Of How Scared They Are, Says Campaign Organization

In the past 24 hours we have been inundated with phone calls and messages on various platforms seeking to clarify the veracity of the claims being forwarded around that Distinguished Senator Gbenga Ashafa has withdrawn from the race for the Lagos East Senatorial Ticket.

Please note that this is not true and it is another clandestine tactic from the camp of one of the contestants who is known to us. It is a signal of their fear and their unfortunate attempt to avoid the free and fair contest at the Direct Primaries as prescribed by our National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress in general.

At this juncture, it is crystal clear that our opponent is jittery and intimidated by the groundswell of popularity being enjoyed by Senator Gbenga Bareehu Ashafa and has resorted to the dissemination of propaganda, fake news and the unwarranted use of force.

Within the past 48 hours some of our canvassers were equally physically assaulted by thugs associated with the same contestant that is behind the propagation of this fake news. This is undemocratic and unbecoming of anybody aspiring for the high office of the Nigerian Senate. The incident has been reported to the Nigerian Police Force and the perpetrators are now on their heels in a bid to evade justice. However, we are not daunted. The security of our teams have been guaranteed by all necessary law enforcement agencies.

We wish to reassure our teeming supporters and party faithfuls that Senator Gbenga Ashafa is in very good spirits and positive of victory at the upcoming polls. We urge you to remain resolute and confident while going about your activities peacefully and within the bounds of the law. No amount of fake news and propaganda can stop this movement. We are in this to win. We are in this for the people of Lagos East, we are in this together.



Gbenga Ashafa Media Organization

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