DG NIA, Ahmed Abubakar: Newest Victim Of Senator Misau’s Destructive Campaign Against President Buhari, By Maiwada Dammallam

“I think Senator Isah Hamman Misau Representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District is an emotionally troubled person, an attention seeker that battles against low self-esteem and psychological trauma of the past. The man, a controversial narrative of all forms of democratic norms, seems to be erratic, hysterical and insecure member of the parliament that reacts on brazen impulses, thus, an embarrassment to the exalted office of the senate.” – Ibrahim Modibbo
I can understand when petty people engage “suya joint” arguments to attack President Buhari, his cabinet or key officers of his administration. However, I find it irritating when a serving Senator use pedestrian arguments/logics in a blind attempt to shoot down this administration as Senator Isa Misau has being doing consistently since the birth of this administration. His latest attack on the newly appointed DG of the NIA was no less petty, illogical and built on a weak foundation of factual inaccuracies not to talk of the indecorous approach.
Ordinarily one wouldn’t waste time responding to the inaccurate tirades released to the public on the respected floor of the senate but for the author being a serving Senator who enjoys enough institutional respect to be taken serious by the naive and the gullible. As an ordinary citizen, Misau’s acerbic comments against President Buhari’s appointment of DG NIA couldn’t pass for more than the “suya joint” vituperation they were much less, generate public interest worthy of response or public debate.
Senator Misau is famous for all the wrong reasons top on the list, being an expert in character assassination whose stock in trade remains the hard earned names of public officials which he trades for space in news magazines to remain relevant enough to negotiate a decent spot in the prestigious red chamber. One could easily deduce Senator Misau’s disposition by reviewing his recent case with IGP Idris and Mrs. Aisha Buhari.
Not so long ago Senator Misau hit Nigeria with a libellous allegations against the IGP in which he alleged the IGP was in an amorous relationship with two women police officers one of whom he impregnated and later secretly married in Kaduna against the law. As it turned out, not only there’s no law preventing police officers from marrying fellow colleagues, it was later exposed that the Distinguished Senator was a product of such professional incidentals.
His parents were both police officers and that didn’t stop them marrying to give birth to a future senator. IGP Ibrahim Idris competently defended himself before the Senate by stating categorically no law prevents him from marrying a serving female police officer if he so wishes.
Interestingly, Misau is yet to challenge the IGP’s claim that the law does not prevent him from marrying a  fellow police officer, a premise on which Misau built his porous allegations. He is also yet to respond to the family of the second victim who said that their daughter got married to the IGP publicly. Nasiru Baba Saleh, a member of the family, insisted that Misau lied against their daughter and that he must prove the allegations or the family seek redress in a court of law.
Who could fault the family for trying to defend the honour of their daughter especially with the abundance of proof in public domain to punch holes in Senator Misau’s childish allegations. The alleged IGP’s “secret wedding” turned out be an elaborate wedding conducted in the famous Sultan Bello mosque, Kaduna and was well attended by both families, friends and well wishers. Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha was also pictured attending the IGP’s wedding dinner alongside prominent dignitaries.
One could only wonder if Misau’s definition of “secret” is totally opposite and in conflict with its dictionary meaning. Not only that, one could only wonder how a person occupying as sensitive and responsible office as that of a Senator could be so flippant and verbally reckless.
Not done trying to smear and pull down IGP Idris, Misau concocted yet another libellous and inciting allegation. Against all sense of decorum and in total disregard to the prestige of his office as a senator and a lawmaker, Senator Misau alleged that the IGP has corruptly gifted the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari some vehicles. While Mrs. Buhari promptly distanced her person from the concocted allegation, the police later confirmed the vehicles were to her police aides for their official use.
As usual, Senator Misau left the allegation hanging without retracting much less, apologising to the two public personalities for dragging their names in the mud. Thankfully Misau is still battling a libel suit slapped on him by IGP Idris to clear his good name.
That Senator Isa Misau is a senior member of the ruling APC whose actions and conduct should logically indicate support to the President and his administration yet, the flamboyant Senator remain consistently a thorn in the flesh of the administration and its major players shouldn’t pass as mere coincidence. Senator Misau is on a mission to distract and destroy this administration using the cheapness of the media as a weapon. This much could be deduced from the politics behind the election of the NASS leadership and Senator Misau’s open display of a consuming ambition to warm his way into the heart of the senate leadership. Senator Abdullahi Adamu (APC/Nasarawa) proved as much when he rebuked Misau on his latest tirade against the new DG, NIA thusly:
“I will not accept, anybody coming here virtually calling the President by his name. Calling operatives of government by their names and condemning them. It’s not right. Make your points within the laws. Comment that there is insecurity, nobody is saying you shouldn’t say so but you don’t say so in a way of inciting the public, it’s wrong.”
To students of political science, why should Senator Misau make a habit of denigrating the President and his critical operatives in an inciting when he was elected under the same banner with the President and logically should be expected to be at the vanguard of protecting the administration. Is it because Misau, a serving senator, have no access to President or is it because he have a diabolical agenda to weaken the President’s political structure in preparation for a candidate he have in mind come 2019?
Is it not questionable that Senator Misau is always embroiled in scripted and non value adding controversies aimed at lowering the esteem of the President and his kitchen cabinet?
Is it also not questionable that Senator Misau, an APC senator, could shamelessly accuse President Buhari of not “taking any decision to move the country forward”? He said, and I quote:
“So many incompetent people are holding so many positions. Fifty per cent of the ministers are not performing. Since the president assumed office he has not taken any decision to move this country. Today we are seeing it and everybody is avoiding it, nobody wants to say anything.”
What could be more absurd? If actually President Buhari has not taken any decision to move the the country forward or if he is surrounded by “incompetent people holding so many positions”, was it accidental that the President and his “incompetent” officers were not only able to halt the dangerous slide of Nigeria into nothingness but, also kickstart the process of reversing the sad situation they inherited from PDP in just 2 years?
Senator Misau may be living an easy life on a fat salary to notice the feats achieved in Nigeria’s economy. For all the awareness he publicly displayed, Misau was not even aware that President Buhari recently pulled Nigeria out of a recession caused by the reckless management of the economy by the immediate past administration.
Perhaps, Misau was busy in his library debating which decent Nigeria to go after to further weaken the Buhari structure that he failed to notice how steadily Nigeria’s foreign reserve has been growing lately much less, notice the improvement of generated power up to 7000MW from the lowly 3,000MW President Buhari inherited.
With 24hrs private electricity arrangement paid by tax payers money, I don’t expect Misau to know that Nigeria’s transmission capacity has reached 6900MW from about 5,000MW and distribution is now averaging 5,000MW up from mere 2,690MW in just 2 years.
Insulated from the reality of Nigeria’s economy as inherited and turned around by President Buhari, I don’t expect Misau to be aware that monthly import bill (FOREX Dependency) has dramatically dropped from $5.5b to $1.9b thanks to President Buhari and his “incompetent officers” for “doing nothing”. I’m sure if this is the true meaning of “doing nothing”, come 2019 Nigerians would happily vote for President Buhari for “doing nothing” just to keep doing nothing.
Nigerians should be aware that when it walks like a dog, bark and wag its tail like dog, then certainly it’s a dog. It’s not such a going to Pluto mental task to understand that Senator Misau is a homegrown mole working tirelessly within to compromise to weaken the support base of President Buhari for reasons that would soon be clear to Nigerians. No sense of reasoning could accept Misau’s constant rantings against President Buhari and his officers of this administration as anything other than a carefully scripted campaign to weaken the integrity of the President with 2019 around the corner.
DG NIA, Ahmed Rufai Abubakar shouldn’t be distracted by Senator Misau’s campaign of calumny. He is a bull in a China shop. With so many battles to fight, I pray Senator Misau wisely chose which battles to fight. Rather than picking on honest and innocent people to destroy for the simple “sin” of working hard to earn a good name and reputation to be noticed to serve their fatherland, he should concentrate his energy on learning how to be a senator.
It’s repulsive to have to listen to Senator Misau preaching ‘competency’ when not long ago the media was awash with stories of how he was chased out of his Bauchi central senatorial district. The ‘sprinter senator’ was said to have ran away leaving behind his shoes and his heavily starched ‘kube’ cap in a bid to escape a ‘crash course’ on how to be a functional senator organised by youth in his senatorial district.
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