Democracy Day: Show Of Shame By Past Presidents, Heads of States, By Ladidi Mohammed

Shunning June 12 Democracy Day celebrations is the clearest indication that most of our past Presidents and Heads of States were only about their selfish goals and not about Nigeria. They will do everything possible to make Nigerians know they are sulking; this includes shunning Democracy Day celebration.

The skewed thinking of many Nigerians and their joy that former Presidents and Head of States did not attend the Democracy Day celebrations is a pointer to our problems. Not only is their joy misplaced, it is very ridiculous.

As past Presidents and Heads of States who have claimed at different times that the June 12 election was wrongly annulled, one would expect that even if they failed to declare June 12 as Democracy Day, they will at least grace the maiden celebration.

But not our past Presidents and Heads of States, they have their own agenda and they do not want to see Nigeria celebrate anything. What is more appalling is that some of them have claimed to be true democrats, how can this be?

Their actions and utterances show that they were never democrats, speak less, leaders. A leader is a person who defines and exhibits moral and ethical courage and sets an example for everyone else. What kinds of example have this lot set?

It is often said that true leadership is all about developing people and helping others reach their full potential, please how have our past Presidents helped Nigeria to reach its goals? The election is over, the case is in court, that does not mean that they should carry their hate and divisive embryo everywhere they go.

Nigeria is much more than an election and Nigeria is in dire need of true leaders, leaders who do not politicize everything. What is more painful is that African leaders graced the occasion that our own past Presidents shunned. What an irony, Nigeria who claims to be the ‘Giant of Africa’ displaying its problems in open glare.

I think it is a shame on all the past leaders save for General Yakubu Gowon who I believe was unavoidably absent. As for President Goodluck Jonathan who many applauded for his big heart in the 2015 election, I think he might be losing the plot. We know who Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is and we have seen how he is trying to drag Nigeria down because of selfish reasons.

Only yesterday Babagana Kingibe confirmed that Obasanjo was one of the architects of the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election.
President Jonathan should not go down that route. He should not allow the same democracy that he preserved remember him in the negative. He is the reason why President Muhammadu Buhari can declare June 12 a Democracy Day.

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