Declined Electoral Bill: What Mike Ozhekome Want From President Buhari, By Tobi Matthew

The media space has been awash with rants of Opposition party voices and their associates about the declined Electoral amended bill 2018 by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In his words, the President said; “I am declining assent to the Bill principally because I am concerned that passing a new Electoral Act this far into the electoral process for the 2019 general election, which commenced under the 2015 Electoral Act, could create some uncertainty about the applicable legislation to govern the process” Of the noticeable rants in the media space is criticism by Mike Ozekhome [SAN] who stated that President Buhari is afraid of imminent defeat at the polls, noting that all he is out to achieve by failing to put pen to paper is to provide a suitable environment to enhance electoral manipulation to pave way for his re-election.

One cannot but laugh at Ozekhome comment and you wonder how he rose to the position of the Senior Advocate of Nigeria. It’s well known that his legal expertise has always been to detriment of the nation’s progress as his cronies & associates have always be found wanting in various financial crimes which significantly stalled the progress of our nation. If a constituted lawyer and SAN like Ozekhome could support the “trap” bill, then what becomes of the hope in the men who are supposed to weigh and analyze critically serious national issues before making comment.

In the mind of Ozekhome, he wants Buhari to sign into law an amended bill that gives one person the right to cancel the entire election process in the nation; he wants Buhari to sign into law an electoral act that removed card readers from our elections.

He wants Buhari to sign into law; an electoral act that remove voting counting and replace it with vote announcing, a bill that says political parties can merge 21 days before elections. He wants Buhari to sign an electoral act that says INEC must transmit results electronically in a nation where Power supply is not in constant supply to the 774 local governments It’s suffice to say that the amended electoral bill 2018 was garnished as an overall appealing draft to the public with an underlying intended motive or how do one amend the rules of an electoral process that has already kick started?

It will definitely amounts to changing the rules in the middle of the game and this surely creates room for suspicions. Ozhekome should be aware that the Presidency cannot be cowed nor be incited against the public using amended electoral bill or perhaps he realized that the slightest opportunity of returning his cronies back to power has been declined.


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